Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Baby Decker Due January 2018!

Say what??!  Yes indeed.  We have a baby cooking and he or she is due at the end of January.  I should probably just say the little one is due in February because he or she will very likely be overdue.  Gideon spoiled me with being so early (but healthy) as my first but I can't get used to that!

I will say, this pregnancy is TOTALLY different than my last.  Night and day.  

I can eat anything and everything for the most part.  But honestly nothing sounds good and I've had this ridiculous burned/dry feeling in my mouth since week 5.  With Gideon I survived on cereal and smoothies for 14 weeks but with this baby, there is not enough food on the planet to keep me full.  Ryan had to cut me off after THREE plates of chicken/broccoli/potato dinner plus a fruit smoothie plus a piece of buttered toast for dinner.  Still starving after all that! 

 I'm not as exhausted as I was with Gideon but definitely more blood sugar swings and queasy plus, weirdly, I've been throwing up way more in the last 3 weeks or so.   Just the sight of raw meat sends me running the the bathroom. *shudder*

We are so thankful for this little life.  It's a crazy good blessing and while our life will get unbelievably busy with a 2.5 year old, 1 year old and newborn by January...we know we can do this and love these little ones well.

As you can also see, I do not have time or energy AT ALL for pregnancy updates.  I've taken one measly picture of my pregnancy so far and it was 6 weeks ago.  Whoops!  Sorry future son or daughter.

This picture is 6 weeks old and I have to say my belly is enormously bigger since then.  I cannot believe the difference with this pregnancy!  Currently my 15 week belly (baby is the size of an eclair!) looks very similar to my 24 week belly with Gid.  Poor abdominal muscles never really recovered I guess plus this Decker child is like the hungriest baby on Earth!

I'm beating the tiredness with daily naps and Ryan is cooking me tons of good food.  My mom delivers whatever food sounds yummy several times per week (and watches the boys and folds our laundry and does SO much for us!), my dad made my homemade dinner just a few nights ago and Ryan's parents have come by with coffee and smoothies and watched the boys.  I'm so thankful for dinner being dropped off by friends, prayers for this little one's life, and all the help we receive.  It's a gift.

Updates to come!  Hopefully I'll get around to weekly-ish pregnancy updates :)

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