Monday, August 14, 2017

Reunions, Playdates, and Fun!

Our Saturday was free so early in the morning we decided to head to the zoo!  We wanted to pre-celebrate Giddy's 2nd birthday next week so we packed up and headed out.  The weather was perfect and it seemed like no one else in Denver went to the zoo at 9:00 am (shocker!).

We saw all the new dinosaurs scattered throughout the zoo which really impressed the birthday boy with their movements and sounds.  We ended our morning with a carousel and ice cream :)

These are some pictures from earlier in August.  I spent the ENTIRE last week away from my boys while I had orientation at the hospital.  I really missed them but my mom was Super Grammy and took fantastic care of them for us.

Messy lunch boy!  And this was shortly after lunch.  I leave Giddy in his crib with books while I put Baby down for his nap and he always falls asleep reading.  So sweet!

Sticker monster!

We hosted a playdate for two of my dearest friends and their kids earlier this month.  Ali, Bre and I have been friends since high school and now we have 7 (almost 8) kids between us.  It was a crazy and loud playdate!

This picture really belongs later on in the post but this is us leaving for my 10 year high school reunion

Ryder had his 5th birthday party last weekend so we ate lots of good food, blue cake, s'mores and it poured rain which made all the kids shriek in the tent and of course want to get soaked.  We love our little future engineer, Ryder!

Aebrynn was a cake monster!

Baby is officially crawling and moving fast!  He is very into pulling himself up onto everything and will be standing with no problem very soon.

My 10 year reunion was last weekend and we ended up having a really good time!  It was at Punch Bowl Social in Denver and enjoyed a delicious buffet, yummy drinks, and chatting with old and new friends.  I am glad we went and it was a nice night out!  Reunions seem to get such a bad rap but we had a blast.

  It was fun to reminisce with old friends and catch up with some new ones.  If you told me 10 years ago that I would be at my high school reunion with my amazing husband of SEVEN years, preggo, with two sweet boys at home, working as a nurse, having all the incredible life experiences that we've had...I would say DANG, WHAT A LIFE!  So thankful that that exact life is mine :) 

 I wonder what the next 10 will bring.

Ryan the photo bomber

Saturday, August 12, 2017

16 Week Update Pregnancy #2

Week 16 Pregnancy Questionnaire

Baby Size: An action figure or dill pickle (according to a cute chart I found on Pinterest)

Food loves: 
Much like my first pregnancy food is not a huge piece of this whole thing for me.  I mostly eat to avoid blood sugar swings but no intense cravings yet.  I can tolerate sandwiches, cereal, yogurt, plain bagels with cream cheese, soup, smoothies, crackers, pasta and fruit.  I can eat just about anything which makes me REALLY thankful.  We did eat at an amazing Tibetan restaurant a few weeks ago and I about popped from all the chicken tikka masala and coconut rice pudding I consumed.

Food hates: 
Anything that is grilled (just the SMELL of the grill makes me nauseous!!), raw meat (not that I'm eating it but the sight of it), anything overly salty.

3 Pros of Week 16
1.  My belly has really popped so I get the door held open for me, lots of smiles from people and so many questions about the baby
2.  I mostly feel pretty good this week!  The most intense nausea and vomiting seems to be behind me-THANK YOU JESUS!!!
3.  Not a single stretch mark and I hope it stays that way

3 Cons of Week 27 & 28
1. The burned mouth!  It's so annoying.  I've been looking it up and women complain on forums but no one has good solutions.  You know when you sip too hot coffee?  Like that but all over all the time.
2.  Frequent pregnancy migraines-they are painful and last a really long time :(
3.  The blood sugar swings still come pretty strongly if I go more than an hour without eating

Working Out:
We walk every evening as a family for about 30 minutes.  I try to keep track of my FitBit to get 4 miles in throughout the whole day or about 10,000-12,000 steps a day.  If I'm feeling really ambitious I walk with the boys in the morning and do all the hills around our neighborhood.

Best Moment of the Week:
I successfully completed a full work week of hospital orientation with no major nausea, throwing up or issues.  That felt like I've really turned a corner in this pregnancy to have the stamina to be able to do that.  Thankful for my body being able to handle more.

Ryan and the boys:
Ryan continues to take AMAZING care of me with food, late night bowls of cereal, foot rubs and thoughtfulness.  Giddy just yesterday afternoon saw my belly when I was changing out of my work shirt, pointed to it and with HUGE eyes said "Oooooo!"  Clearly he was impressed with the size.  Baby Boy mostly just bounces on my belly when I hold him and has no clue what's going on-ha!

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Baby Decker Due January 2018!

Say what??!  Yes indeed.  We have a baby cooking and he or she is due at the end of January.  I should probably just say the little one is due in February because he or she will very likely be overdue.  Gideon spoiled me with being so early (but healthy) as my first but I can't get used to that!

I will say, this pregnancy is TOTALLY different than my last.  Night and day.  

I can eat anything and everything for the most part.  But honestly nothing sounds good and I've had this ridiculous burned/dry feeling in my mouth since week 5.  With Gideon I survived on cereal and smoothies for 14 weeks but with this baby, there is not enough food on the planet to keep me full.  Ryan had to cut me off after THREE plates of chicken/broccoli/potato dinner plus a fruit smoothie plus a piece of buttered toast for dinner.  Still starving after all that! 

 I'm not as exhausted as I was with Gideon but definitely more blood sugar swings and queasy plus, weirdly, I've been throwing up way more in the last 3 weeks or so.   Just the sight of raw meat sends me running the the bathroom. *shudder*

We are so thankful for this little life.  It's a crazy good blessing and while our life will get unbelievably busy with a 2.5 year old, 1 year old and newborn by January...we know we can do this and love these little ones well.

As you can also see, I do not have time or energy AT ALL for pregnancy updates.  I've taken one measly picture of my pregnancy so far and it was 6 weeks ago.  Whoops!  Sorry future son or daughter.

This picture is 6 weeks old and I have to say my belly is enormously bigger since then.  I cannot believe the difference with this pregnancy!  Currently my 15 week belly (baby is the size of an eclair!) looks very similar to my 24 week belly with Gid.  Poor abdominal muscles never really recovered I guess plus this Decker child is like the hungriest baby on Earth!

I'm beating the tiredness with daily naps and Ryan is cooking me tons of good food.  My mom delivers whatever food sounds yummy several times per week (and watches the boys and folds our laundry and does SO much for us!), my dad made my homemade dinner just a few nights ago and Ryan's parents have come by with coffee and smoothies and watched the boys.  I'm so thankful for dinner being dropped off by friends, prayers for this little one's life, and all the help we receive.  It's a gift.

Updates to come!  Hopefully I'll get around to weekly-ish pregnancy updates :)


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