Monday, July 31, 2017

July Wrap Up

 August is right around the corner and that means pumpkin spice lattes and fall isn't too far either!  My favorite time of year.  I'm not sure how to decorate for fall this year with a busy 2 year old who climbs on everything and would promptly make any decorations his new toys.  Hmmm....

 We've had a good summer and a full last week of July.  I'm ready to welcome cooler weather and start to wind down summer.

Giddy and I got a date just the two of us last week.  We went to the Children's Museum in Broomfield (wouldn't really recommend it but still fun to get out) and then to Starbucks for treats!

I couldn't resist getting his picture.  He fell asleep reading.  What an angel toddler!

Not sure why this is a pertinent picture but I made some really yummy nachos for dinner!  It was just black beans, chicken I seasoned and sautéed up quickly, red and green bell peppers also sautéed, chopped tomatoes, cheese and sour cream.  So easy and yummy

Last week we met Daddy for a lunch date.  The weather was perfection so we found a Tibetan restaurant with a shaded outdoor patio.  The boys were angels.  I couldn't believe how well they did!!

This guy always wakes up pretty grumpy from nap so I save his screen time for then.  I just plop hin in front of his favorite movie with a drink and a snack and let him re-acclimate to the real world

Two shirtless boys!  And Baby Boy showing off that sweet double chin!

Saturday evening I had a MOPS leadership meeting.  I signed up to be a table leader and publicity leader for our group this year.  I absolutely love MOPS-I started attending in 2015 right before Gideon was born and it has been something I look forward to every year since.  If you need a MOPS group contact me!

The hottest afternoons are spent lounging on the floor.  We usually open up our tee-pee, watch a show or pull out crafts

This kid!! One minute he's playing with dirty worms and the next minute he's having "coffee".  Such a fun little guy

I had to post some pics of Giddy's garden.  He gets SO thrilled if you ask him to show you his pumpkins.  He waters them daily and even stirs the dirt up a bit to "weed" ha!

He's also growing tomatoes and green bell peppers

Saturday afternoon we went to a birthday party for one of Gid's best friends, Declan.  I love that my best friend's kids are my kid's best friends :)  We bounced in a bounce house, ate cake, and played hard!

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