Sunday, July 23, 2017

End of July + New Things

How is it the end of July already??  We have so much coming up and happening lately!  

We chowed down on donuts with friends Friday morning to celebrate Gideon's little friend James turning 2.  We have two birthday parties to end out the month's Saturdays which I think will be a lot of fun.

We also have a backyard camping trip we are going to for Ryder's birthday that will be a blast and I hope the boys love it.  Besides that we have a million doctor and dentist appointments, caseworker visits, bio parent visits, another court hearing for Baby Boy and a million playdates and outings in between.  

On another note, I was offered a nursing job at Children's Hospital last week! I am really thankful to be moving out of pediatric home health nursing.  I start in two weeks in the PACU and am so thrilled that it's just 4 times a month!  It's actually the floor that I worked on through nursing school so there were a lot of familiar faces when I went in to interview.  Wahoo! It's the perfect fit to get out of mommy-mode and do something in the grown up world every week.

In addition to my new job we have my 10 year high school reunion in about 2 weeks and that is blowing my mind!  We are going (much to my own surprise) mostly because two of my good friends are planning it ha!  I think it will be fun to catch up with people I haven't seen and show off Ryan Decker and enjoy a night out together with no kiddos.

It's always around this time of year with August just around the corner that I get excited to walk the back-to-school aisles at Target and smell the crayons and new folders and backpacks (creeper!!) and welcome fall in a few weeks.  I can't wait for pumpkin flavored everything and will be starting that before it's socially acceptable.

Well that is a little update on us with lots of pics below!

My diapered boy giving some morning cuddles-lucky mama!  Gosh he looks enormously tall

This kid!  He is such a hot mess most days.  He has a mouth full of old french fries, his friend Penny's sunglasses on, and a shopping cart full of who knows what.  I just love him.

Sorry to creepily blur our Baby's face-didn't have time for his usual heart.  These boys love their baths!

Declan is 2 and LOVES babies!  Him and Gideon barely played, Dec just wants to hold babies

Daddy and Giddy snuggles.  I love his batman jammies

Here are our donut pics!  We went to Lamar's and it was delicious-everyone was a sticky mess

Donut boy

I saw this on Facebook and thought this is my life summed up on a mug.  I pray this everyday-ha!

Family pic!  Everyone had on stripes minus Ryan as my mom pointed out

This was one of the funnest birthday parties we've been to lately.  Our friends rented an indoor soccer field and there were lots of balls and a big parachute to play with.  We ate pizza and cupcakes after. Such a fun Saturday morning!

But many who are first will be last, and the last first.

Matthew 19:30

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