Monday, June 19, 2017

Gideon 22 Month Update

Age: 22 months!!!

We will have a 2 year old in 2 months time!  This is blowing my mind.  Gideon James is the most sweet, fun, independent, curious, wild, bright, challenging, and joyful that he's ever been.  Toddlerhood looks good on him.  He's a thinker, a builder, detail-oriented, has insane dexterity and the balance/climbing abilities of a future Olympian rock climber.  He's a sweet boy who loves to help and please and keep his parents on their toes with some wily tantrums and an assertive will!  We love who he's growing up to be.

Weight: 26.5 lbs

Length: I don't know!  He hasn't been measured in forever.  I'll get his stats in August at his check up

Sizes: He's wearing all 2T's, size 5 diapers, size 5 or 6 shoe and any toddler big kid hat.  He LOVES shoes so much.  He has about 15 pairs that he rotates wearing throughout the day.

Eyes: Beautiful clear, bright blue.  His eyes are always dancing, thinking, and observing

Hair: Strawberry Blonde.  I think I officially don't have a redhead anymore.  It's still pretty darn red compared to some kids but his hair has lightened up tremendously!  It's so beautiful and he of course gets so many compliments still

Sleeping:  Gid is a once a day napper for about 1.5-2 hours.  Once in awhile he'll still give me a random 3 hour nap but that's rare!  He sleeps about 11 hours at night usually waking up once because he tossed his pillow over the side of his crib or needs some water.  Overall he's a good sleeper.  We have him in his crib still and plan to keep him there as long as humanly possible!

Eating: Gideon could take or leave eating.  It's not his favorite way to spend his time.  He would rather run and jump and climb and play!  We sit for three meals a day and plan portable snacks.  He loves avocado toast, eggs and fruit for breakfast.  Lunch is usually a sandwich, a vegetable and his favorite, canned peaches.  Dinner is whatever we're having.  He eats lightly for the most part but once in a while will fuel up and eat an astonishing amount!

His favorite foods:  Chocolate anything! Peaches, Hershey kisses, avocado, pork chops, peanut butter/coconut/banana smoothies, clif bars, crackers, sandwiches and sliced grapes

Milestones/Words: Gideon can understand so darn much and is just on the drink of talking up a storm!  He consistently has his vocab of about 20 words and his sign language which has made my life so much easier.  He can tell you most anatomy on his body, "sings" Twinkle Twinkle, pretends to read, climbs proficiently on anything and everything, and has his 2 or 3 chores he accomplishes (cleaning up toys, throwing trash away, watering the garden)

Memorable Outings:  Gid and I have solo adventured to the zoo and pool in the last 2 weeks.  We want to check out some more rec centers because swimming is this kid's jam!  We try to fit in as many playdates as possible and have goal to explore 1 new park a week this summer

Favorite toys/activities:  Gideon doesn't love toys per se as much as he loves random household objects.  He loves Ryan's tools, drinking out of legit mugs, carrying around coins, playing with any appropriate electronics (speaker, computer, unplugged toaster, calculator, etc), washing dishes, sweeping and climbing on the furniture and stairs.  He loves to spend his time crafting and doing art, outside playing, anything involving water, riding his car, building blocks, watching a show, or organizing his small train and car sets.

Funny Moments: When isn't Gideon making us laugh??  I should write down more specific memories of Gideon.  Yesterday at a playdate he had all the moms and kids laughing at his belly laughter over the swing.  Something about swinging just had him tickled and his laughter was contagious!

Looking forward to:  His 2nd birthday!  I can't wait to celebrate 2 whole years of his life.  I also look forward to potty training in August (call me crazy, but I have a smart kid and I know he can do it!) and more talking.  Gideon will probably talk my ear off but I can't wait to hear more of his thoughts and ideas about the world.

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