Monday, April 24, 2017

Things of April

So far my Monday is on the right track because BOTH boys are napping at the exact same time.  THANK YOU JESUS AND ALL THE ANGELS!  

Baby Boy transitioned over to a pack n' play (temporarily until we can locate his crib hardware in a random box we are still unpacking) and is rocking it.  He slept 8 uninterrupted hours last night in it, first try.  What??!

Gid is worn out from a morning of lego building, painting, play-doh, digging, and running around outside.  Whenever he goes down for nap still smelling like dirt and sunscreen despite my best efforts to clean him, I know he'll sleep like a rock :)

Life has felt pretty rushed the last few weeks.  We pretty much renovated our home while both working and caring for 2 little boys. They each had wicked colds 2 weeks ago and Gideon a double ear infection.  They both seem to have runny noses/coughs yet again today.  We actually spent 7 long hours at the ER with Baby Boy Friday night because he was having such difficulty and pain eating-maybe related to his past sickness or another problem altogether.  No answers after several tests but he seems to be doing a bit better the last day or so.

Sunday night we folded laundry while we watched Parks & Recreation and that felt really nice to just sit on the couch and not be painting/cleaning/fixing/unpacking something.  Slow down, April!   Here are some pics of our last few weeks:

Gid is very into creating and art these days and especially painting.  He is very meticulous and loves for me to show him his masterpieces later in the day when it's dried.  He smiles very proudly!

Gid had several friends over for a playdate last week and they all spent their few hours together digging together.  So sweet!

Family Saturday afternoon walk resulted in finding some tulips

I need to post our house pics when I can get it tidied up a reasonable amount!  To add a little color to the walls I have been framing Gideon's art work and throwing it in next to our favorite pictures.  And to the right are our new painted kitchen cabinets!  I'm dying for some new countertops and backsplash but for now we are enjoying having the orange-y oak gone and new white on top and navy on bottom

These are all Gideon's pictures he took 100% on his own.  The first is a masterpiece!  The next ones less so, and I think there were about 20 in a row on my phone mostly pics of up his nose

On Sunday after church and naps, Ryan and Gid went out to ice cream for a daddy-son date.  They got frozen yogurt with any topping Gideon wanted (cookie dough, sprinkles, butterfinger, etc) and then to a park to play.  That one-on-one time for Gid with each of us is SO important.  

One thing we really needed in the midst of moving, renovating and taking care of two little boys is a date night.  Our friend Jayni's birthday party was Saturday night so my mom generously babysat so we could go!  It was at a little brewery with lawn games, a food truck and good friends.  The whole night really filled us up.

Just a few more Giddy shots.  I love to see his cheeseball smiles and creative mind churning day-to-day.  These shots capture our best moments but believe my when I say there is plenty of tantrums, crying, jealousy, discipline, and parent-fails.  Two little boys 20 months and younger stretches me and it's growing our whole family.  We need Jesus more everyday!

Poor Baby makes it into so few pictures these days!  He's been taking longer naps and when he is up he really just wants to be held so my arms are not free with a camera.  He's a sweet, chunky fellow who we love!

For you know that it was not with perishable things such as silver or gold that you were redeemed from the empty way of life handed down to you from your ancestors, but with the precious blood of Christ, a lamb without blemish or defect.

1 Peter 1:18-19

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