Monday, April 3, 2017

PHEW!!!! Done with Transition

Hello!!  1/2 a month flew by and this is the first minute I've had to blog. 

We moved into our (new to us) house this weekend and even though we are still surrounded by boxes and piles of clothes and general's so nice to be in.  A 950 sq ft apartment with a newborn and toddler is on the list of "things that will stress and refine you"

I can't wait to post some before and after pics of the house!  My poor husband knows I mean business about getting the walls and kitchen cabinets painted ASAP.  We are so tired but want to just be moved in and done. The house is so cute (even though very dirty upon move in) and has a great open floor plan.  The yard is probably the best part of the whole house an Gideon plays for hours a day outside. 

Overall it's been a crazy last week and a half getting packed up and moved in but here we are and we are so thankful.  Gideon and I chatted up our 81 year old neighbor today and have been meeting new neighbors everyday.  Nothing makes people more chatty than seeing two cute little boys playing outside.

Here are some pics of our last few weeks-nothing exciting just two growing boys, a tired mama, and a hard-working daddy.

My mom kept Baby Boy so Gid and I could have a date to the butterfly pavilion.  It was a huge hit for Gid and we were the only ones there on a Monday for the first 45 minutes.  He even touched starfishes!

We celebrated my mom's actual birthday at the zoo!  She got a free ice cream with sprinkles which Gideon happily shared with her and a free carousel ride.  It was a chilly morning but a fun way to celebrate our beloved Gram!

ALL BOY!!!!!  This kid drinks puddles, throws dirt on his head, rubs ketchup in his hair laughs when he farts and picks his nose too much.  I love every ounce of him.

Giddy is so into animals these days.  Live and stuffed :)  He lines his animals up in his tent and shows them all his toys, puts them "night night" and carries them everywhere!

Doesn't he look so grown up???  He's drinking perfectly from a cup these days and has proven to be a true left-handed boy like daddy.  What a tiny little future-engineer

Just our usual outings.  Baby Boy slept while we played out front and snoozed at the library

Giddy had a sleepover with Gramma and Papa!  Someone looks tired (and it's not Gideon!).

This sweet baby boy has started getting up only once at night to eat!!!!  And all the mamas said AMEN!  He isn't in as many pictures because he's sleeping a lot through his growth spurt lately.  He's a big fan of his bumbo seat, neck tickles and finally loves his Ergo carrier.  What a chubby little sir.

We have a week of unpacking ahead of us and settling into our new house.  I hope our second wind hits so we can paint FAST and be done!

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