Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Gideon 20 Month Update

Age: 20 months

How will we have a real life 2 year old Gideon this year?!  Our minds are blown.  I've probably typed it before, but this is totally the best age yet.  He's chatty, more independent, curious, feeling some big feelings, has so many preferences, and is still hilarious.  We love who he is and who he continues to become!

Weight: 26 lbs

Length: 33 inches

Sizes: 24 month clothing, some of it is getting tight.  2T shirts.  He's a size 4-5 shoe and size 4-5 diaper

Eyes: Still blue and so beautiful

Hair: Gid is definitely a strawberry blonde these days.  His hair lightens up more each day because we spend so much time outside.  I like to still think of him as my redhead but he's headed in the blonde direction fast

Sleeping:  He goes to bed around 7:15 pm every night after a bath, bedtime snack (usually cherrios, yogurt and sliced banana), brushed teeth, a bedtime story and prayers.  He wakes up maybe 1-2 times per night and will gulp water when we go in to comfort him.  Mostly he sleeps through the night and wakes up about 6:00 am.  He naps at 12:00 pm for about 2 hours.

Eating: Ryan and I have said that Gideon FINALLY seems to enjoy eating. Eating was always a big struggle with Gideon.  He just wasn't interested and would eat the tiniest amounts you can imagine.  Now he is truly seeing how delicious food is and seems eat a lot.

His favorite foods are anything sweet (his sweet tooth is ridiculous!), cupcakes, french toast, whipped cream, yogurt, ice cream, larabars with peanut butter, banana, tomatoes, applesauce, french fries and chicken nuggets

Milestones/Words: His vocabulary is growing by the day. His newest words are Papa, fish, milk, water, "nana" for banana, bird, bread, vest, bear, this, three, milk, water, and ABC. He puts away his dishes from the dishwasher, loads laundry in the washer, throws a piece of garbage away, helps feed baby, walks down stairs with less assistance, points to just about any body part you ask him, and feeds himself totally independently.  SO big! 

Memorable Outings:  He had a double sleepover at Grandma Decker's house.  He went to open gym with Gram and we adventured to the zoo and museum with our membership passes.  Our biggest adventure everyday has been exploring our new backyard and neighborhood on long walks.

Favorite toys/activities:  Being outside!  Oh this child loves the outdoors and anything to do with water, mud, rocks, digging, sand, trees, bugs etc.  He likes to watch Frozen (loves Olaf and hates the scary snow monster), do the hand motions to "Twinkle Twinkle", play with this cars, read books, put his animals to bed and snuggle with big pillows and soft blankets.  Real live animals are his absolute favorite--any cat is pretty much the coolest thing in the world to Gideon.  He also LOVES walking anywhere-the library, museum and zoo are the best places to take long walks and learn along the way

Funny Moments: Just last week Gid and I had an afternoon just the two of us.  We spent over an hour exploring his toys, reading, and me tickling Gideon while he belly laughed non-stop.  He is SO ticklish under those little armpits and under his chin.  He just laughed and laughed.

Looking forward to:  A summer of Giddy fun!  We have so much to do this summer like bug hunting, running through sprinklers, going on scavenger hunts, roasting marshmallows outside, sidewalk chalk and picnic dinners in the yard. 

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