Saturday, April 22, 2017

Easter 2017

 We had a full weekend of Easter celebrations!  Saturday morning I worked, but Gid, Baby Boy and Ry headed to a massive Easter egg hunt in the park with friends.  Gid found a golden egg and therefore earned a plastic frog that hops, ha!  It sounded like he just wanted to explore the field and not really egg hunt for long.

 That afternoon we had dinner with my parents.  They made an Easter ham dinner and even delivered it to our house where we all ate together on our back porch.  We really value our outdoor space and spend hours out there each day.  Everyone opened up Easter baskets, Giddy hunted for eggs and we played in the yard since the weather was gorgeous.

Sunday we WALKED to church!  One gift about our new house is that a wonderful church is an 8 minute walk from our doorstep.  So after a morning of breakfast, the boys opening their 2nd of 3rd Easter baskets (spoiled!!), we loaded up the bus double-stroller and headed out.

The church service was really special.  The title was The Spirit Is On Me and we loved every second of it.  We invited Baby Boy's bio parents to come with us ( that was awkward, joyful, tense, gladdening) and I think they enjoyed being there.  The pastors are welcoming, the church atmosphere is laid back plus coffee and donut holes makes anyone feel at home.  Please pray for bio's and their experience at church last weekend!

My mom found this bunny cake that Gideon got VERY excited about.  And Gideon with his own special lawn chair that was a part of his basket

Gramps and Baby Boy.  Baby was eyeing that cake hardcore!

Giddy hunted very seriously for some eggs.  I think he understood what he was doing and had fun!

Grams make the best egg hunting partners

My mom does not joke around with Easter baskets.  They were loaded!  Gideon's was outdoor themed so he got gardening tools, his lawn chair, sunscreen, a hat, dirt cake mix and many other goodies!  Plus he received a giant bunny from us and he loves to lounge on "Big Bunny" all day long

A spiffy Daddy and spiffy Giddy

Family shot--poor Baby was asleep

There isn't much that attracts more attention that two little boys in bow ties

Easter afternoon we headed to Ryan's parents for dinner.  Most of the Decker cousins were there and they hunted for their baskets, we all had dinner, and then we headed it home because the boys were tired, Gideon was hopped up on sugar, and ready for bed after such a great day

 With great power the apostles continued to testify to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus. And God’s grace was so powerfully at work in them all

Acts 4:33


  1. Such a fun holiday!!!! I love the boys in their bow ties! Auntie is swooning over here. Also--great job with the festive cake, Cle babe! Where did she get that thing?

    1. King Soopers-Giddy squealed with happiness when he saw it

  2. Looks like a great time was had and wonderful memories were made. I will be praying for Baby's parents as you asked and also for you and your fam.



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