Monday, April 17, 2017

Baby Boy 4 Month Update

Age: 4 months

Every time I update on this little man I'm pleasantly surprised by the progress he's made and SO thankful for how far he's come.  At 4 months Baby Boy is so smiley, chubby, curious, showing signs of wanting to be a big kid already, and very snuggly.  He's a brave little fighter who loves nothing more than kisses and being held

Weight: 16.5 lbs

Length: 25 inches

Sizes: I just had to swap out all of his clothing for bigger sizes! He's in 6 month clothing and fits in everything perfectly.  His belly is even a little too round for some pants so I roll up 9 month pants.  He's a size 3 diaper.

Eyes: Navy blue!  Plus he has the most gorgeous, long curly eyelashes you've ever seen.  They are literally so long we can't believe how those eyelashes bat at us

Hair: Red!!  He's getting more hair on top and is still bald in the back.  I think it's turning a little more brown in the front but he's definitely a redder in the back.

Sleeping:  DREAM.  BABY.  Seriously!!  Well, most of the time anyway ;)  There was a time when baby was just home to us that he was up every 45-75 minutes absolutely screaming and inconsolable.  I don't know how we made it through that time.  I can barely remember those days now that he's come so far!!  He goes to bed about 6:30 pm, dream feeds at 9:00 pm and we don't hear from him again until 2:00 am.  He eats 3 oz and is back to sleep until 7:00 am wake up time!  He also is the easiest baby of life to put to bed for naps.  Just set him in his bed drowsy and he's out in less than 5 minutes.  He's at 3 naps per day and loves his daytime sleep.

Eating: He eats about 6 oz every 4 hours and sometimes a little more.  Eating has always been and on and off struggle for us.  Sometimes he is overwhelmed by the flow despite using the nipples he's always used since the NICU and propping him upright.  Other times he's the best eater and will chug 7 oz in 15 minutes.  It's important for me to to reflect back on his progress because he's had mountains to overcome to get to where he is today!

Milestones/Words: His new favorite perch is in the bumbo which makes him feel very grown up.  He also likes the carrier outward facing and will help with lots of chores around the house in that.  He smiles spontaneously, reaches for a toy, recognizes our faces, "stands up" with support, and swings at dangling toys. 

Memorable Outings:  This baby boy has rocked sleepovers with Gram, also adventured to the zoo, and has been very brave at the MOPS child care twice a month.  He's settling into his new room in the house and seems very observant of our new home

Favorite toys/activities:  He likes sitting up and watching Gideon play and can track him all over a room.  He has a favorite stuffed turtle that's super colorful and he'll bat at that quite a bit.  He does "crunches" in his carseat if he's feeling bored and really enjoys floating in the water at bath time.  I think his favorite thing is being near one of us and hearing all the commotion and talking that goes on around our house.

Funny Moments: Baby Boy has started reliably laughing when you tickle under his chin which is too darn cute!  He has a deep chuckle and gets very excited when you tease him with tickles.  He also loves when I call him "Fat Sir" and make silly voices at him-that makes him laugh and wiggle his arms all around

Looking forward to:  He starts some solids in June and that will be a fun adventure for him!  I look forward to him being outside with us, rolling, getting more mobile, and seeing more of those precious gummy smiles

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