Thursday, March 16, 2017

Finding Rest and Life Pictures

Foster care is two fold: a huge blessing to the child and to us...and then totally exhausting as it relates to all that is required to make it work.  Two resources that are speaking some major life into me right now regarding foster care because both are so encouraging and real:

My mentor mom at MOPS told me that even though we love our chunky Baby Boy, any foster care placement still puts an emotional pull on us-invasive home studies, court dates, visitations with bio parents, applications, appointments, etc....  In the midst of all that, we have to take good care of us!

So we are really trying to do that.  This week we are taking steps to moving bio parent visits to a weekday to protect our weekends, planning more one-on-one dates with Gid, attempting to do restful things on the weekends, taking advantage of help (my mom is our rockstar helper!!) and just letting some things go to find room to rest.

We are still learning!  Here are some pics of our week as we attempt to get better at this.  Though I will be honest and say this week has been one of my most overwhelming yet with some sleep regression from both boys and sleepless nights for me.  Yay parenting! ;)

Two boys playing together.  Mostly Baby Boy just watches Gid and Gid shows off his big boy skills

Can you sort of see those enormously chubby cheeks?  Baby Boy is a perfectly plump 14 lbs of sweetness.  I can't get over his fatness!!  Giddy has been really into reading independently lately and flipping through his family/friends book I made him

Playdate for Gid and Dec!  Two 1.5 year old boys is a chaotic playdate but Ali and I did our best to actually talk and entertain them

On Tuesday, my mom stayed with Baby Boy while I took Gideon to the dentist first and then to the zoo!!  We had a really special mama/Giddy date.  We walked all over the zoo, packed a lunch, rode the train, and had a fun morning just the two of us

Ummmm Gideon turned 12 over night in case you missed it!!!!  I think he looks like such a mini Daddy in this picture.  Like he's ready to go into the office for the day.  So sweet in his button down.

A few of my MOPS ladies.  This week we had a speaker and breakfast and then put together Blessing Bags for the homeless community to keep in our car.  We filled a gallon Ziploc bag with non-perishable food, water, toothpaste/brush, combs, hand warmers, towelettes, socks and a few other items.  Most importantly in the bags was  information regarding resources nearby for getting ID's issued, work placement, shelter for bad weather and any other help needed

Giddy Lou learning how to take a selfie

On Monday my mom, Giddy, Baby Boy and I all went to the mall to walk around and shop for Easter outfits.  We found a super cute bow tie outfit for Baby Boy but are still looking for Gid's.

Shorts in March?!  It's a 70+ degree week here in Colorado.  And it's supposed to be 80 this weekend.  We are definitely hitting up the zoo and some parks!

The rest of the week I work on Friday and 1/2 day Saturday, we have some vague plans to start packing a bit, a baby shower, a bio parent visit, the zoo, and my mom's early birthday dinner!  A full few days!  Hope you have a fun weekend too.

Therefore, as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.

Colossians 3:12


  1. What a life you both have going with the kiddies. I think it's wonderful that you both were able to open up your hearts and home to a baby who needed help. I do not have kids and most likely never will because of the chemo that Antonio has gone through the years we didn't plan ahead of time for that but even so its hard for me to think that I could be a mom ever much less to a child that I did not carry! You both amaze me the love that you have in your hearts and I know it is because of your great faith. I am praying for only continued great things for your whole family. I pray for Baby's family too. Thank you for sharing your lives. It's a great comfort to know that there are still wonderful good people out there in the world.

    1. Silvia this is so kind. You are a natural caregiver and nurturer-whatever the Lord has in store for you will be perfect. You're both so brave and enduring! So proud of you both.



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