Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Around Here

We are almost done with transition!  That's really what we are most anticipating regarding March.   So much of our lives changed very quickly over the last 11 weeks and it looks like we will finally be getting to settle down a bit this month.

Ryan officially started his new job and let me just say this...dude is SO smart.  He came home telling me about work and I'm like, "What language are you now speaking?"  

He said this combination of words to me today: External mass transfer resistance "It's part of the paper I'm reading" NERD ALERT!!  Also, what the heck is even trichloropropane or hexavalent chromium or strong base anion exchange or hydraulic loading rate?

Our dinner time conversation makes my head spin and I'm so proud of how smart he is, how humble he is (he'll be very embarrassed when he reads this) and how he's using his gifts and talents to continue with community development and public health in a new way.

Secondly, we close on our new house in 22 days!!  Wahoo!!  We kept the other two houses as rentals in Golden but this is the house we will call home.  Hopefully for a very long time.  It's an amazing size and the yard is really what I'm looking forward to.

Finally, I transitioned out of full time nursing work and am working about 6 shifts per month now.  While I loved working full time, it is better for me to be mainly home with the boys.  They love it and I love it.  I'm working just enough to use my brain and get out of mommy-mode.

  Our season of life with a tiny 2 month old boy does dictate a slower pace of life-more playdates in and more mornings re-discovering our toys and walks around the neighborhood.  We will build up to outings to zoos and museums and parks.  For now, two boys 1.5 and younger is plenty to manage!!

Per usual, some pics from the last few weeks:

These two shots sum up MOPS.  Amazing food and amazing encouragement!  It's so nice to show up and have childcare for the boys, enjoy HOT coffee and breakfast, and be encouraged.  A friend at my table bought these fair trade chocolate bars and a note of encouragement to each of us 

Both boys had pediatrician appointments last week.  Both are growing perfectly and right on track with all their milestones.  I love showing them off.  They are favorites around the office!  Also, daddy and Giddy like to make cushion forts

Just look at that!  Baby Boy's BEAUTIFUL red hair.  Oh it's so soft and perfect.  I kiss his sweet neck 1 million times every day!

Last Friday night the boys went to bed easily and I decided to head out for a solo date to Target.  My favorite!  I walked every aisle and perused all the cute clothes and Easter goodies.  I decided to buy the boys their Easter baskets that night.  Gideon got a painting kit, a fun bath toy, forks and gummies.  Baby Boy got washcloths, a stuffed animal, a hat, pacifiers and bibs.

Giddy Lou is SUCH a mama's boy and snuggle monster lately.  He's so so sweet and I soak up every hug and kiss I get.  He's also experiencing some jealousy towards baby boy so we are working on being gentle with our hands when I'm feeding baby.  Poor guy, it stinks to not be an only child anymore ;)

Like I said, TOO SWEET for words!!  He's so giggly and talking up a storm these days.  He just started saying bird, meow and poop.  Also, he officially knows how to pick his nose and *drumrollllll* eat it.  UGHHHHH.  Such.  A.  Boy.  

Ryan's new co-worker gifted us these amazing eggs.  I already used them to make coconut bread and homemade chicken nugget batter.  We are definitely going to be paying regularly for more.  They are sitting on our counter now and don't even need to be refrigerated.

Oh this sweet, sweet little man!  He is SO chunky these days that I can't even put him in many of his 3 month pants.  They are too tight on his fat little tummy.  He slept for almost a 5 hour chunk last night and I'm pretty sure all the angels and heavenly beings were rejoicing that night with us!! 

Three sweet boys all born so close together. Baby Boy was mid-December (can't share his personal info), Fynn (far right) was December 28 and Caius (far left) was January 8th.  Decker family get togethers are baby heaven right now.

All bundled up in his polka dot jammies! And here he is getting some love from my dad.  He just loves to be held.  Baby Boy doesn't love his carrier as much as I would like him to.  Gideon LIVED in his carrier.  We are working on it every day because it gives me both hands, gives Baby snuggles and allows us all to be more mobile and adventure out more

Ok I think that about covers it!  Be ready for pictures of our house renovation.  We are getting right to work knocking down two walls, adding in a beam, putting in staircase railing and I'm going nuts on Pinterest designing the overall style.

Please keep praying for Baby Boy.  His story and beginning are messy and we want what's ultimately best for him-whatever the Lord ultimately says that is.

So glad you read here!

Whom have I in heaven but you? And earth has nothing I desire besides you. My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.
Psalm 73:25-26

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