Thursday, February 9, 2017

Life in February

Woohoo it's February and I'm getting a blog post up!  That is a miracle.

I am IN AWE of people who have multiples that are the same age or children super close in age.  Giddy and Baby Boy are 16 months apart and it's beyond sweet in some ways and unbelievably hard in others.  

They are both super dependent on us so if someone is sad it's almost impossible to comfort both well.  On the other hand both are in sweet stages: Baby Boy is such a cuddly nugget.  Gideon is learning new words and getting smarter by the minute

All that to say, we are learning, tired and blessed.

So Baby Boy update:  He was released from the hospital January 30th THANK GOODNESS!  He came home on oxygen. RSV just wrecked this kid but he was so brave.  I cried right along with him several times when he was getting deep suctioned or had a Flight for Life nurse miss the IV twice (this mama got real bossy and demanded they stop the pokes and leave him alone for awhile).

We are happy he is home, healthy and officially off O2 Tuesday!

The rest of our life is chaotic in this season.  Two little boys keep you on your toes :)  Here are some pics of our February life:

JJ and Gid exploring the back porch.  Matching bellies, matching sweetness

Oh yum, chalk!

This kid has been cruising everywhere.  He loves to walk to the park, at the store, and always feels like such a big kid

Family walk to the best open space and park near our house.  The last few weeks of Colorado winter weather has been bliss-some cold but plenty of spring-like days

This kid!  Smiles, fiercely independent, smart, and curious

On Monday we had a Zoo day to enjoy the incredible weather.  Penny, Gideon, and Chloe were nursing school baby-friends!

Ashley, Amanda and I were all preggo in school together and all birthed our sweet littles within 4 months of each other.  I love still seeing these women now as nurses and mom

It's not a post without this little bugaboo!  I always thought girls would be more fun to dress, but boys can be pretty fun too.  Especially with bandana bibs and dark wash jeans, swoon!

Well that is life for us in February, at least what I have time to capture.

I'm still loving getting to work as a nurse-still full time with a pediatric patient in home health and love it.  Ryan was just hired by an Engineering Consulting company.  He had a really neat connection to the President of the company-this man mentors students on summer mission projects with the organization that Ry and I were involved with in college.  Ryan is an insanely good fit for the job with his education background and research in drinking water.  He gets started in March!

We are also house hunting here in Colorado (aye yi yi, what a market) so will have pics of that too when/if we end up with one!

We ought always to thank God for you, brothers and sisters, and rightly so, because your faith is growing more and more, and the love all of you have for one another is increasing.

1 Thessalonians 1:3

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