Friday, February 17, 2017

Baby Boy 2 Month Update

Age: 2 months

What a difference a month makes.  This little man has seen a lot of life in his 8 weeks.  He is the most alert he has been and LOVES faces.  Give him a toy, he doesn't care.  BUT smile up close and talk to him, he's in heaven! He has the sweetest disposition, the fieriest love for his bottle, and the unquenchable need to be snuggled all day which our moms happily comply to :)

Weight: 12 lbs.  YOU. GUYS.  He has gotten so plump!  Such a mighty warrior this kid is!

Length: 22.5 inches

Sizes: I truly cannot believe how much he's grown.  He's in size 1 diapers and 3 month clothes!  His thigh rolls are to die for.  We often just chant to him, "Cheeks and chins!  Cheeks and chins!"  That's all he is these days.

Eyes: Navy blue!  He has the most observant eyes and appears to really be examining and calculating his surroundings.  A smart little man for sure!

Hair: Red!!  It's still so beautiful and red.  I pray every minute of my life it stays that color :)

Sleeping:  He has improved dramatically in this department.  He very recently started giving us 3-4 hour chunks once per night and then he's up every 2-2.5 hours after that.  He naps well during the day.  We got him a Rock n' Play to help with his reflux and he likes to be in that all swaddled up.

Eating: Every 2-4 hours 4-6 oz each time.  He still loves his soft NICU nipples so we just go with it and make sure to sanitize the heck out of them. He does spit up a lot so he's taking 0.5 mL of Zantac. 

Milestones/Words: He's starting cooing and saying "Haaa-guuu".  Which of course means, "I love you and you're my favorite person!".  He smiles for Ryan or I which is entirely heart melting.  His neck strength is something to behold.  He likes to accidentally bat his overhead toys in his gym while he's laying down and loves to track Gideon across the room when he's seated upright.

Memorable Outings:  He spent 1 week at Children's for RSV which was horribly memorable.  He has also had two sleepovers with my mom, adventured to the park and zoo, and has become a crowd favorite at my MOPS group.  Last week my group prayed for foster mamas/babies which was a real gift to us and something that I will always remember.

Favorite toys/activities:  Being held, being rocked, being patted, laying over someone's knees to help his belly aches.  He seems to love the bath still and the lavender lotion massage that follows.

Funny Moments: This one involves Gideon.  Whenever Baby Boy starts crying and we are in the process of getting to him, Gideon can usually beat us there.  So Gid has started, on his own initiative, grabbing Baby's pacifier or bottle and putting it in his mouth for us!  It is absolutely so cute!!  Sometimes, Gid's aim is a little off but Baby Boy is very patient with the pokes to the forehead and cheeks too.

Looking forward to:  More of those 4 hour chunks of sleep!!!  And taking this baby to our favorite spring hikes, camping this summer, backyard playing in our new house, and just seeing his sweet personality continue to blossom.

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