Sunday, January 15, 2017

How Much Change Can We Sign Up For?

You guys.

What.  Is. Our.  Life.

We have a few huge updates mainly in this order:

A decision to resign from the California job and staying on contract/remote
Moving back to Colorado from California (3 moves in  year people)
Becoming a foster placement for a newborn
Gideon breaking his foot
Starting a new job

Proceed with caution because our life is a little bit chaotic, stressful, blessed, and full....

If I could describe the last four weeks it would be WHIRLWIND.  We have had as insane few weeks that are a mix of relief, crushing disappointment, stress, gratitude, and a few bewildering times we look at each other and just go, "Thanks for staying married to me"

Ok onto a ridiculously long update...

#1 Ryan's job update/moving back:

Over the last 2 months it was becoming increasingly clear to us that the new job we took in California was not a good fit for our family.  The mission of the organization and Ryan's coworkers were kind and genuine, but we couldn't reconcile a few things in order to make it work.

Ethiopia (where we were meant to ultimately move to) is an increasingly unstable country and while Ryan was there in September he was just miles away from rioting, civilian murders, and political unrest.  There was NO way we could move our family to such danger and have Ryan complete the amount of travel and time away from us that the job required.  

Many conversations clarified for us that if an international move was off the table, then we needed a stateside job that would continue to match our values as a family. Stay on successfully at HQ would have required significantly more travel than Ryan wants in a job, so with all this in front of us, it was obvious that California was not a good longterm fit and we needed to act wisely and set ourselves and the organization up for success. 

With heavy hearts, Ryan used his 90-day review to submit his resignation and transparently sharing where we were at with his supervisors.  He has stayed on as a contract employee remote from CO which is amazing!

 We packed up our apartment and headed back to Colorado to try again; thankful for what we learned and motivated to dive head first into whatever God has for us here.  We were disappointed but we feel hopeful we can still be intentional with international missions in other ways and be open to other ministries and possibilities as they open up to us.

If you ever feel like you failed, just talk to us and we'll give you a pep talk that you'll be OK and God is sovereign.  Even when it's a little confusing :)

Gideon the flight attendent, "Hello good sirs and madams...may I fetch you a drink?"

3 airports, 2 planes, 1 delay, running through LAX to make my flight, and all solo with a toddler!

#2 Foster Placement

I can't dive into a ton of detail on the blog mainly because of confidentiality reasons but you might see a new precious little human popping up in our pictures more often that would require some explanation :)

Gideon calls him The Bee

Several days after arriving home from CA, our entire family received a call about a little guy in the NICU who needed a safe home to land in once he was released.  Ryan and I had already discussed at great length foster care so this was not a new mission for us.  Through a ton of organization and help from other family members, Baby Boy was released to us December 28th weighing roughly the same size as a mini-watermelon.

We are navigating our way through the foster care system now but a unique circumstance is what brought this peanut to us and gave us the final push to really get certified.  Did you know there are 400,000 foster kids in the US?

Anyone who can open their home up, should!  These peanuts need love.

So anyway, we adore this kid.  We are so exhausted by this kid.  Our weeks look like pediatrician appointments, visitations, court dates, casework visits, paperwork, and more.  We are honored to be his safe home for the foreseeable future.  I really can't share more about him in order to protect the privacy of his bio parents but please pray for him daily!

P.S.  We moved into our new apartment December 26th, rushed to unpack and clean up for the caseworker visit, Gideon broke his foot on December 27th and spent the evening at Children's Hospital, and then Baby Boy stormed our life with newborn scent and snuggles the morning of December 28th.

Seriously, our life.

Sweetest boy had ever nurse swooning in that place.  What a stud!

He of course picked blue for his cast.  He originally picked pink but I told him to pray about that and we settled on blue

#3 New Job

While Ryan works from home, I have been tremendously and utterly blessed to FINALLY start work as a full time RN.  I'm a pediatric RN in home health (giving that another go with a much better agency!) for a mid-acuity patient who is the sweetest squish you'll ever meet.

My schedule is three 12-hour days shifts and every minute of those shifts is filled with something new: a treatment, a medication, a GT feed, an assessment, looking up side effects, making sure my nursing diagnosis is correct.

Nursing is my passion and I'm so thankful to do this 3 days per week for now.  Plus what other job lets you be full time at 3 days?  A gift we need right now!


The long silence on this blog was us trying to get our head above water.  So much changed so quickly.  New things were handed to us, we released old expectations, and ultimately we look at each new aspect and are thankful that our identity is rooted in Christ and not in any other aspect of our being.

So more blog posts will hopefully be rolling in as we get our routine set up and a handle on everything!

Please feel free to come over anytime to visit and witness the explosion of laundry that is our life now with two little boys

I know that you can do all things, and that no purpose of yours can be thwarted.

Job 42:2


  1. Oh my goodness, I was wondering what happened to you guys! I was so encouraged and inspired by you guys even more as I read this. I'm sorry for Gideon's foot, but thank you for the lives of faith you lead and letting us have a glimpse!

    1. You're too kind Sara. We were not feeling very encouraging when we were making some of these hard decisions. Oh well, we are trusting the Lord and I'll update more regularly now.

      P.S. I clicked over to your new website and #1 I'm so mad you don't post updates every hour of your life!! #2 Eden-SCHWOON!! #3 Big brothers who look so big! I love your life. I'll just stalk you on Instagram from now on.

  2. Wow. Y'all my heros! Keeping you all in prayer.

    1. Thanks for praying for us! It's so much. As you can see, this is why it took a dang month to update. Phew!



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