Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Baby Boy 1 Month Update

Age: 1 month!  This sweet, sweet baby has overcome so much to bust out of the NICU and make it home to us.  We pushed big time for his release and we are thankful to have this snuggle bug home.  While daytime naps are his favorite, sometimes we do get to see those little eyeballs pop open and look around.  What a gift to love and hold and breathe in that perfect newborn scent all day.

Weight: 8 lbs

Length: 21.5 inches

Sizes: Newborn diapers and new born clothes.  His shirts and pants are SO itty bitty!  I love to get him dressed in a tiny, snuggly footie pajama set after a lavender bath

Eyes: Navy blue!  I've never seen a shade quite like his.  They are the most pure blue color and he has very thoughtful, old soul eyes

Hair: Red!!  Say what?!?!  Oh my heart could just explode!  He's pretty bald on top but in the back right over his soft little neck are the whispy red hairs of my dreams.  SCHWOON!

Sleeping:  Come again?  Sleep?   What's  that?  Baby Boy is on a full reverse schedule with some vengeful hours of wakefulness between 12:00 am and 5:00 am.  Oh well, every newborn does it I suppose.  He sleep swaddled in a swing with motion on and his white noise machine.  He looks like a tiny little caterpillar once he's settled

Eating: He eats every 1-2.5 hours, typically 2-3 oz at a time. The NICU sent us home with some amazing soft nipples that we switched to.  We had been using Dr. Brown's and Tommee Tippee but they proved to just be too much work for him.  He will let you know he's hungry and quickly settle into grattude and gulping once he has his bottle

Milestones/Words: He has great neck strength and can hold his little coconut up for a few seconds. He likes to "hold hands", try to focus on a face if it's close enough, and kick kick kick his little legs in the bath!

Memorable Outings:  Well being discharged from the NICU was pretty darn memorable!  The nurses sent him home with a footprint ornament and handmade blanket for Christmas.  Ryan is the most attentive, caring man and got Baby Boy full discharged and safely home!

Favorite toys/activities:  Being held is his #1 favorite activity of all time.  Followed closely by eating, chomping on his pacifier we call Gerard (it's a giraffe sewn to a pacifier), soaking in a warm lavender bubble bath, and being in his carrier

Funny Moments: He LOVES to pee on us!!!  He has great aim and will take any shot he can get.  Many time we see a stream come up from the floor while the other person is changing him.  And the worst part about Ryan and I?  We have started not even caring and not even changing once we get peed on! Ha!

Looking forward to:  I cannot wait to see tiny man make some strides in his health and gain back some weight, settle neurologically, and feel more comfortable.  I look forward to walks in the spring with my boys in their double stroller and of course more sleep :)

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