Wednesday, January 18, 2017

1 Billion Pictures & An Earthquake

I have an iPhone dump for this post which is approximately 1 billion pictures.  If you can write nice short posts more often then you are good at things and should be praised at the city gates.  

So anyway, here is proof that I experienced an earthquake in December!  Around 4:00 am last month I was already awake for some reason or another and all of a sudden felt this jolt in the earth for roughly 2-3 seconds accompanied by a really loud booming sound.

I shook woke up Ryan fairly franticly and said, "What was that??  Did you feel that??  Wait, how did I just have to wake you up?"

I'm a sleep talker on regular nights so he tried to appease me and told me to go back to sleep.  The next morning I googled earthquakes in California and lo and behold this popped up!  A 3.9 magnitude earthquake.  I'm not crazy!  So now I can say I have experienced a real earthquake.

These are all pictures from December and early January so just a throw back re-cap:

At the SLO airport a flight attendant became obsessed with Gideon's red hair and dimples and promptly hand delivered him a plate of Christmas party goodies.   Also he met Santa at the airport which is ghetto enough in and of itself.

We got home to my parent's warm, cozy, festive house and started celebrating Christmas full swing!  I consumed mugs of Holiday Spice coffee and Gideon played with the tree.

Ryan giving my mom Mac lessons

We went to the Denver Zoo Lights and it was gorgeous!!  Gideon must have been cold because I can't say he enjoyed all of the festive splendor as much as we did

Afternoons before Christmas looked like cousin time, toy playing, present organizing, and yummy food consuming

Gideon's mood on Christmas Eve pretty much summed up in a picture! Tis the season!  He loved his new jammies and was probably just sad he couldn't wait up for Santa

Christmas morning he ignored all his gifts and played with wrapping paper

Look at that beautiful boy!  What a sweet gift under the tree

After Christmas we got back to real life and have been settling into a new routine with new Baby Boy here, work schedules, play groups, and fun outings.

On warm days we play chalk on our back patio

This boy is such a character!  Too much personality and silliness for his own britches

Daddy and Gideon went sledding during a huge blizzard!  We were pretty ghetto and used a cardboard box since we couldn't get out to buy a sled.  Gideon was obsessed

One thing that we never take for granted is how uniquely amazing our community is.  Our family, friends, and even people we have never met rallied behind us and lavished us with support.  We have had bags of formula and diapers delivered, donated clothing washed/folded, a meal train set up, gift cards sent, and more.  My mom donates her time generously to us to babysit often and gives us immense rest.  We even have had friends offer to go through Foster Care Relief training so they can keep Baby Boy.  WOW!!

Most moving, was one of Ryan's best friends spent an entire day fasting and praying for Baby Boy and I have to say that we really saw his sleep and physical comfort improve.  We are tremendously blessed. 

Friends loving on baby cakes

 Gideon has hit the most fun stage he has been in yet.  He is all about feeding himself, helping us cook or clean and being involved in everything we are doing.

We made buckwheat pancakes last Saturday and he did all the pouring and stirring!

Gideon spending time with Peyton and Josie.  His favorite thing in life is having friends over or even better, going to their house to explore new toys and spaces!

Mr. Isaac came to see us and his mama delivered me a decaf Flat White (favorite!) and our family an amazing healthy meal.  These two played hard for an hour!

Some days I'm so so tired and recovering from the new stage of life we are in.  And other days I can sit at this laptop with a cup of coffee and blog.  It's minute by minute.  I was talking to a friend yesterday and we both unanimously decided trying to parent/doing life without Jesus is a joke and we are total messes without him.  Amen.

God is our refuge and strength,
    an ever-present help in trouble.
 Therefore we will not fear, though the earth give way
    and the mountains fall into the heart of the sea,
Psalm 46:1-2


  1. You are so right. I've had to have a ton of people remind me that without Jesus I can't do anything. I want that strength you had back in the hospital days for Ryan. Antonio is STILL in the hospital recovering but they're thinking maybe discharge is going to be on the horizon. He had a revision and would you believe the other two wounds were draining so much they have to be bagged as well? It's crazy. There is so much going on right now that if I think about it too much I either cry or get that butterfly feeling in my belly! You two have gone through so much and are still smiling and grateful. I need some of that strength bottled up in a jar, Carly, and send it to California! Lol Happy for you both!

  2. You are both so strong and amazing!! Keep fighting and persevering. We are praying



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