Monday, December 19, 2016

Gideon 16 Month Update

Age: 16 months!  This tiny man has the most developed sense of humor, climbing and moving skills (definitely a future athlete!), and loves to give everyone kisses.  His absolute favorite things include Christmas lights, balls, chocolate donuts, climbing stairs, and time with his tiny friends.  Gideon is such a little boy these days and it's so fun.  Parenting this peanut has catalyzed revealing our JUNK as humans and parents but he refines us in good new ways daily and is our absolute delight in life.

Weight: 24 lbs

Length: 31.5 inches

Sizes (diapers, onesies):  Size 4 diapers, 18month-2T clothes.  He's right around the 50th percentile for both height and weight.  Size 4-5 shoe.

Eyes:  Blue

Hair: He had his first little hair cut!  It was getting to the point where the back ringlets were just ratty and looking not so cute anymore.  So I trimmed over his ears and the back of his neck.  He looked so fresh and like such a little boy.  It's still red, still curly, and still an absolute attention grabber no matter where we go.

Sleeping:  Gideon is still an overall solid sleeper.  The biggest change is that he's been letting Daddy put him down for his naps on the weekend.  He has a pre-nap snack and then goes back with a sippy cup of coconut/almond milk.  They snuggle and Gideon goes down quietly which is so nice.  It's a really nice break for me.

He sleeps from about about 7:30 pm to 7:00 am at night and just transitioned to that awkward stage of needing 1 nap so his nighttime sleep is better, but so not mentally prepared for the blood bath that is a toddler without his second nap! AHH!  He naps around 12:00 pm during the day.

Eating: The newest aspect regarding his eating is that he's 100% dairy free (just like Ryan!).  Over the last few months he has been unreasonably fussy.  We've been at a loss and no matter what we tried, how his needs were met, or what time of day it was...he was just generally unhappy.  He had his moments of smiling but he just seemed more "off" that he should have been.  We called it the 70/30.  He was unhappy 70% of the time and happy mayyyyybe 30%.  It was hard.

All that to say, we know dairy makes Ryan very, very sick.  And we had actually been giving Gideon a little more dairy at a time the last few months.  Whole milk in a sippy cup, whole milk yogurt with breakfast etc.  As a last resort, we finally decided to drop all dairy on the prediction that his guts might be like his Daddy's and within 72 hours a miracle occurred!!  Gideon's fussiness was completely gone.  The bags under his eyes disappeared. He became less clumsy and more vocal.  He smiles and laughs.  His runny nose is gone.  WOW!!  Another separate post about all that soon but we are so so thankful.

Favorite foods: Crackers, clementines, pineapple, squeeze pouches, raisin toast, apple cake, baked beans, chicken, donuts, Chipotle bowls, guacamole, peanut butter/banana smoothies, bacon, turkey wraps, and of course nursing about 3 times per day

Milestones/Words:  He has an increasing vocabulary by the minute!  Blue, Bear, Ball, Book, Wow, Ho-Ho-Ho, Mama, Dada, What, Kitty (working on that one).  He also has 11 teeth.

He's walking!  He took his first steps at 15.5 months and started zooming off shortly before this post. He climbs on everything, drinks from a cup independently, feeds himself with a spoon, sits to "read" a book, dances when he hears music, answers the telephone, and is attached to his two favorite stuffed lovies.  

Memorable outings:  As a family we went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium a few weeks ago.  It has to be on of the nicest and largest aquariums in the country.  The tanks are millions of gallons large and the exhibits are so intricate.  Gideon got a kick out of the jellyfish, enormous tanks full of sharks, and the kid's water play area.  Another sweet outing was bundling him up in the stroller and walking to our favorite neighborhood.  Much to our delight, many houses had put up Christmas lights and lawn decorations which resulted in endless "WOW!"'s from Gideon

Favorite toys/activities:  He loves to walk, color with markers, go to open gym, play at the park, build up block towers, and can spend almost 20 uninterrupted minutes with Daddy playing tools.  He enjoys chasing balls and balloons, reading, doing the dishes in the kitchen sink and tinkering safely with any and all electrical appliances

Nicknames:   Lou Lee, Lou, Little Love, Giddy Con Queso (from daddy), Giddy Lou Who (from Aunt Linny), Giddy Puff (from Aunt Linny), Giddy Face (from Maggie), Giddy Pantz (from Maggie)
The usuals...Giddy Bear, Giddy Up, Gid, Giddy, Itty Giddy Titty Monster with the tiny hiney, G (from Uncle Clint), Mister, Man Cub

Funny moments: During bath the other day I heard an eruption of combined laughter from Ryan and Gideon in the bathroom.  I mean, both of them cracking up!  Ryan had put some water in his mouth and then spit it out like a fountain and Gideon just thought that was the best thing he had ever seen!!  Gideon's sweet laughter got Ryan going and then on and on and on they laughed... :)

Looking forward to:  I think that Christmas with Gideon will be absolutely magical this year.  He loves the lights and decorations.  A christmas tree of any shape or size captures his attention for minutes on end.  He is so curious and I think that between the delicious food, discovering the textures or wrapping paper and ripping it off, new toys, and fun with family, this kid will be a big fan of Christmas.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Quiet Time/Devotions for 15 month old

First, I have to tell you a story about an insanely generous woman we just met from Craigslist.  We were selling our dining room table since the one we is pretty worn out and I wanted to replace it with a larger farmhouse table I could refinish.

The woman, her husband and granddaughter came to pick up the table and she was just exuding with kindness and joy from the minute she walked in the door.  She doted on Gideon and complimented him on his red hair, of course :)

When it came time for her to pay me she asked me to remind her how much the item was.  I am such a dork and couldn't remember...maybe $40 or 50?  I had it priced low I thought and had many other items listed at the moment so couldn't remember.

She pressed me to pull up the ad and I actually had it listed for $99 HA!  She said even that price was too low for the table and handed me over $200 cash.

After a lot of protesting and begging her to not pay DOUBLE the asking price...she declared she was the most stubborn person in the room, it was Christmas time, and she had a good week so wanted to pass along the blessing.

What??  We were so warmed by her generosity and kindness.  Who does that?

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness,

Galatians 5:22
On to devotionals...

Lately I've been feeling convicted and excited to use a more intentional chunk of time with Gideon to shepherd his tiny heart towards knowing Jesus.

How sweet he is playing quietly with baby Jesus and reading his Bible (keep scrolling, people)

Ryan and I have prayed over and for him every day of his life.  We read his Jesus Storybook Bible (a worthy investment, promise!!) and talk to him even now about a relationship with Jesus and how our sin is the reason Jesus went to the cross.

Now that he is becoming more active and interested, I want to at least TRY to have a set apart daily quiet time/lesson for him.

I've felt a little lost to know how to do that but we have been sent some good tools and I think we have something for this season figured out!

Real life!  He got sad that I couldn't find the sheep

After breakfast we have been setting aside about 15 minutes for a "quiet time"...

Some days Gideon and I just sing our memory verses from the Seeds of Courage CD I'm OBSESSED with!  Just ask Ryan, I sing our memory verses to him and he is mega impressed with how catchy the tunes are.

Other days I read a short story to Gid out of my Bible making big hand motions to up the excitement factor and we draw what we talked about on our big coloring pad.

Since it's Christmas time I pulled out his Fisher Price nativity set and we read the story of Jesus' birth while we play with the toys.  That is usually a big win!

It just depends on the day but these are a few short activities that work for us.

He got bored and we played workshop and tools

My dear friend Beth has developed really neat resources that we are starting to use that focus on integrating your faith into your everyday life at home.  Check out this link for them.

A friend just sent over this kid friendly Advent devotional if you need one!

Another important resource has been the The Mother of Boys Society (MOB).   The women who run this website base the ministry on Deuteronomy 6:5, "we believe God has called us to help raise up a generation of men who love the Lord with all their heart, soul, and strength."

Um, yes!  That is exactly what I want my mama mission to be.  MOB had a prayer challenge I went through earlier this month and many other articles and ideas on the website.

So those are a few ideas that we're using since he's just 15 months old but I'm excited to keep growing and expanding our time to love on him intentionally and raise him to be a man who loves the Lord. 

 It's the most important work I'll ever be a part of.

If you have other ideas and things that have worked...please share!

Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.

Psalm 27:14


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