Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Practicing Gratitude in November

There is so much I love about November!  Fall weather, wrapping your hands around piping hot coffee mugs, crunchy leaves, cool evenings, and Thanksgiving.  It's one of the best holidays that should inspire the attitude of my entire month.

Thanksgiving is the real deal...no presents, no greeting cards, less commercialized.  Just classic, comforting food and people you love gathered together to be thankful.

Ryan and I have been talking about recording our gratitude somewhere and the blog seems like a perfect place for mine.  We have witnessed lately just how much gratitude shapes our attitudes and perspectives.

Every day in November I'll be posting 34 gifts or reasons of gratitude (because 33.3 isn't doable) to add to up just over 1000 total for the month.

Ann Voskamp is the ultimate inspiration for this habit of thanking God and (woohoo!) she has new resources up for the month of November that I'll also be using .  I stalk her an unreasonable amount (creeper alert!) and every post of hers is a fresh wave of love and inspiration.

In addition to a November of Gratitude, I'm going to follow along with Ann's "Give It Forward Today" calendar and practice being an intentional source of "giving love" and making a difference in our new community and neighborhood here in California.

Join me?

I can't think of a whole lot that will change our lives more quickly than a grateful heart to the Giver of All Gifts and letting that pour out of our lives into those around us.

We may be known for many thing but we will be remembered by only one thing: our giving love
-Ann Voskamp


1000 Gifts in November
1. Giggling Gideon
2.  Astounding safety and protection within USA
3.  Overflowing opportunities of every kind
4.  Little boys frosting fall sugar cookies
5.  Chubby ankles and knuckle dimples on babies
6.  Afternoon naps
7.  Freshly brewed coffee's aroma and taste
8.  Unhindered, protected freedom to practice religion
9.  Connectivity of the Internet
10.  Roasted acorn squash and cream top yogurt
11.  Library corners to explore
12.  Two safe vehicles to commute in
13.  My new friend Lindsay and her intentionality
14.  Texts and phone calls with friends in CO
15.  Facetime with nieces and nephews
16.  A bag full of trick-or-treat candy
17.  Slow evening on the couch
18.  Stepping into community and service
19.  Tree of Life
20.  The availability of the Bible
21.  Modern medicine
22.  Blowing bubbles in mason jars of water
23.  Sweet text messages of encouragement
24.  Parks to play and get dirty
25.  Evening walks with my family
26.  Fresh, healthy food to fuel our bodies
27.  A steady source of income
28.  Brave friends in the Middle East & Africa
29.  Pumpkin Spice candles burning
30.  Smart phones that make life so easy!
31.  Shannan Martin's book Falling Free
32.  Coffee creamer swirling
33.  Gideon's energy and health
34.  Family

How do you make a difference?  You make a difference -- by doing things difference
Ann Voskamp

Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

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