Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Halloween 2016!

Halloween 2016 was the most fun we can remember in a long time!  Gideon and I laid low most of the day because there were surprisingly few daytime activities at our usual spots.

But once Daddy got home we hit the ground running!  We loaded up to go to Jack Creek Farms for a Trick or Treat Street hosted by our church.  There was goodie bag decorating, games, and the usual hits on the farm like piles of pumpkins, a huge train, and apple cider slushies.

Next, we hit up Chipotle for $3 Boo Bowls.  Definitely our family's favorite and go-to spot!

Finally, we made a very last minute choice to go for a walk and trick or treating that evening.  There is a beautiful neighborhood of enormous homes near our apartment that unbeknownst to us is THE trick or treat street.  There were kids everywhere!!

  Almost every house was decorated in lights, music, covered with skeletons and monsters, and people in lawn chairs on their front porch handing out candy.  I was laughing at Ryan because he was carrying Gideon and practically running up to every doorstep and leaving me in the dust in his own enthusiasm.  

I told him that in a few years I will probably send him and Gideon off and they will come back hours later with 300 lbs of candy.  They both love the hunt!

It was the most fun evening together in our new home.  We had such a blast watching Gideon eat a sucker and take in all the sights.  He squealed at all the decorations and especially any pets that were dressed up.

Halloween is the best and we had a great time in family costumes and were pleasantly surprised by all the excitement of the evening!

My little redheaded pumpkin pie roll!

Since there was no story times or activities in our town we hit the park instead

This kid is a climber to the max!  He LOVES testing the limits on every slide, staircase, and surface

Rock Paper Scissors!  Gideon was the cutest rock

This farm is one of my favorite spots we have found so far.  It's only 15 minutes away but just so cute

They are a full functioning farm and orchard so the cider is fresh!

Daddy helped Gideon win some candy at the Trick Or Treat Street

Not sure who had more fun ;)

1000 Gifts in November
35. Gift of good friends
36.  Vulnerability
37.  Jimmy Kimmel's kid candy humor
38.  Encouraging other mamas
39.  New mom groups
40.  Warm afternoons
41.  Quiet time with a big mug of coffee
42.  Picking out Christmas candles
43.  My sweet husband
44.  Laughing with Ryan at our fav show
45.  Coming home to my boys
46.  CA weather
47.  A clean, safe place to live
48.  Nap time!
49.  Long phone calls with my mom
50.  Facetime with my sister and JJ
51.  A freshly cleaned kitchen
52.  My maps app
53.  Sturdy stroller for our walks
54.  Dinner simmering
55.  Being cooked for
56.  Anticipation of flying to CO
57.  Being able to afford tickets
58.  Godly older women as role models
59.  Transparency
60.  Dark chocolate peanut butter cups
61.  Sunflower and succulent bouquet surprise
62.  Embracing humility
63.  Rainbow tunnels filled with laughing boys
64.  Gideon's joy during playdates
65.  Studying Hewbrew words and their meaning
66.  Sticky fingers learning something new
67.  Coconut milk
68.  A pile of clean, drying dishes

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