Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Family Pictures & Outings + Gifts 207-290

 On Sunday we had a "miss Colorado day".  We just were missing the familiarities of home and the faces of friends and family.  It didn't help that I had food poisoning all Friday night from a restaurant we were recommended to go to.

Struck out big time on some baaaad chile rellonos!!  

However, a few wins from the weekend: 
-getting family pictures done Friday night at a beautiful vineyard (see sneak peek below)
-Ryan and Gideon going to a carnival with friends while I took the morning off (holla!)
-volunteering together at the children's ministry Sunday morning

There is A LOT to be thankful for right now.  Every now and then we do reminisce about our ideal Colorado weekend and it makes us thankful we get to come home and visit soon!

Our week if off to a good start and we have fullness ahead-playdates with new friends at new park!  Volunteering, Ryan working hard, Gideon gets open gym time this week and some space with nothing planned too.

Gideon got a Learning Tower from his Grammy and Gramps as an early Christmas present.  He LOVES how involved he is now in the kitchen!!!  Also, you must try this Clif Bar as soon as humanly possible

This was the view of our family photo shoot.  We found a fall mini session here and 30 minutes was just the right amount of time to get some beautiful shots

Oh Giddy Lou you are such a beautiful boy!

On Sunday afternoon we ventured out to Morro Bay for fish and chips and the beach.  The beach turned out to be a boating dock but we walked around anyway after eating

That is Morro Rock behind us, a massive volcanic plug that the Bay is known for

Random: This is the easiest dinner ever if you need an idea!  I made a pan one for our friends on Saturday to drop off and one for us Sunday.  There is the recipe from Linny as she made it up-good job sister!

For our craft one day this week, Giddy Lou wrote down all his gratitude this week and then colored on top of it

Monday Gid and I went to a highly depressing zoo nearby.  I don't like zoos in general but this one was pretty sad.  Gideon's face says it all for us.  

We did watch two giant tortoises eat their breakfast and he liked the Meerkats.  We were ready to go to the park and play after that sad trip!

1000 Gifts In November
207.  Different opinions
208.  Trusting the Lord with the election
209.  Outings
210.  Family time
211.  Music time
212.  Building block towers
213.  Christmas lists
214.  Art supplies
215.  Photo albums Gideons loves to look at
216.  New parks
217.  New playdates on the calendar
218.  Greeting team at church
219.  Reading "The Last of the Mohicans" out loud
220.  Fresh water
22.  Forgotten coffee still hot in a thermos
223.  Ann Voskamp's writing
224.  Mini Snickers
225.  Oatmeal w/ cinnamon and apples
225.  Sweet potatoes and chicken
226.  Electronics
227.  Electricity
228.  Heat
229. Hot showers
230.  Clean sheets 
231.  Hearing Gid drift back to sleep
232.  How he needs his mama still
233.  Baskets of kid toys
234.  Orange throw blankets
235.  Old canon calculator
236.  Salmon for dinner
237.  Time to cook
238.  Opportunity to stay at home
239.  No rush
240.  Nalgenes full of water
241.  Pulling out Christmas decorations
242.  KLOVE on the radio here
243.  Different news sources
244.  Eye sight
245.  Hearing
246.  Touch
247.  Every limb, each working
248.  Inactive Crohn's Disease
249.  Ostomies and Remicade for a season
250.  Prayers for my family early in the morning
251.  Freshly stocked fridge
252.  Pizza dough rolled out
253.  Cheese-less pizza
254.  Hearing about Ryan's day
255.  My husband's thoughtful questions
256.  Hello Fresh
257.  Good friends
258.  Thoughtful sister-in-law texts
259.  Dishwasher churning
260.  Tea kettle humming
261.  Candle party invites
262.  Gid learning ABC's from games and magnets
263.  Unique personalities
264.  Goals to strive for
265.  Avocado orchards
266.  Orange orchards
277.  Mountains
278.  Ocean views
279.   Facebook
280.  Instagram
281.  Voxer
283.  Whoever invented the Internet
284.  Handwritten notes
285.  Checking the mail
286.  Empty laundry basket
287.  Full closets
288.  Tiny socks
289.  Learning more about my husband
290.  Tiny friends sharing their toys

And do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrificesGod is pleased.

Hebrews 13:16


  1. I love gid's gratitude list!! I can tell he helped. Tell him to add "auntie" to the list next time. Hahah!!!!

    1. Haha he should have made the "A" in "Thankful" say Auntie Linny!!



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