Wednesday, November 30, 2016

1000 Gifts in November 921-1000+

It's the final day of our 1000 gifts in November challenge!!  And we made it 1000 gifts plus a few more!

This was so good for our hearts and came at a really important season in life for us.  I'm grateful we logged the endless blessings in our lives, discussed them together, and took the time to make sure our hearts were grateful to the Lord.

Here are a few pictures from November also since I haven't been as good about really updating here this month...

On Thanksgiving we spent the day with several of Ryan's co-workers and their families.  Gideon took two steps and then had a huge audience of "big kids" to keep him entertained the rest of the evening.  He was a happy guy!

The Saturday after Thanksgiving we went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium.  It was right on the ocean and truly a beautiful place.  It took 2.5 hours to get there but was worth the drive.  They have a 1.2 million gallon tank full of sharks, fish, turtles and more.  Ryan and Gideon were pointing at the 28 foot tall aquarium window holding the Kelp Forest

This little peanut enjoyed all the sights so much and seemed to be especially intrigued by the jelly fish exhibit

There was even a kid's area for water play and some other interactive spots to touch sea creatures

 Other random activities include going to open gym, the library, meeting daddy for lunch and playdates with his sweet friend Shep.  Also Gid is definitely in a stage of loving particular stuffed animals.  This is his Blue Blue and Mr. Fluffernutter who we also call "Professor" ha!

1000 Gifts in November
921. LifeNet training healthcare workers in DR Congo
922.  Fundraisers
923.  Giving away money
924.  Winter citrus candle
925.  Fresh sliced cucumbers
926.  Flashlights on our walk
927.  Bundling up Giddy Lou
928.  Long warm baths with the heater on
929.  Ryan getting a 4 day weekend
930.  Fresh fruit
931.  Chestnut Praline lattes
932.  Encouraging videos
933.  Missional Women
934.  Discipleship
935.  Living on mission
936.  Train sets for the boys
937.  The words Gideon knows--"Wow!"
938.  Smell of a peeled clementine
939.  Road trips
940.  Sitting in tension and pressure
941.  Growth and fruit
942. Prayer
943.  Wisdom
944. Compassion kiddos
945. IJM
946.  Horizons
947.  Tree of Life
948.  Sozo
949.  Mercy House
950.  Denver Rescue Mission
951.  Save Our Youth
952.  LifeNet
953.  Goldendoodles
954.  Our days being ordered
955.  Bacon and veggie scrambles for dinner
956.  Cloth diapers
957.  Whipping cream
958.  Homemade caramel sauce
959. James 1:27
960.  Downsizing and purging
961.  Foster care
962.  Adoption
963.  Strength
964.  Faithfulness
965.  Having days off for holidays
966.  Thanksgiving
967.  Christmas Eve
968.  Christmas Day
969.  Snapping picturs with the three of us
970.  Door locks
971.  Porch lights
972.  Aquarium day outings

973. Ginger candies
974. Undeserved grace from the Lord
975. Undeserved grace from Carly
976. Carpooling
977. Challenging emails from friends
978. Neuro floor
979. Wife’s BSN
980. Challenging weeks that ultimately set my family and I up for better health
981. Selling the corolla
982. Warm vest
983. Wife’s craving for something crunchy!
984. Making fun of the new Gilmore Girls with my wife
985. Tests in life that root my identity in the Lord
986. Clean clothes
987. A kind lady from craigslist
988. Meeting Jake and learning about his policy academy goals
989. Gideon’s 1.5 steps over the weekend
990. Gideon drinking water by himself from a big cup… because that’s what big boys do
991. Pens that don’t smear on my left hand as I write
992. Magnifying Jesus like a telescope
993. Shrimp gumbo
994. Honey nut cheerios
995. United decisions with my wife
996. Restful thanksgiving weekends
997. Supportive family and friends
998. Comfortable couches
999. Hot water
1000. Peppermint tea
1001. Working appliances
1002. Craigslist macbook pro
1003. CEI
1004. Jonathan Spencer
1005. Colorado School of Mines
1006. KAUST
1007. Healing Waters
1008. Lifewater
1009. Math
1010. Mrs. Kissler (high school calculus teacher)
1011. New and free haircut (thanks wife)
1012. Stress management

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