Monday, November 28, 2016

1000 Gifts in November 876-920

I just realized I never posted our apartment picture tour!  I took these awhile ago but might as well throw them up on this thankful post.   The only rooms I didn't include are the master bedroom and bathroom because they are nothing exciting right now.

 I'm so grateful for affordable, clean, safe housing here in California!  There is a park near by we walk to often, a cute neighborhood we do our nightly walk in, and just about every store we could want just a short drive away. 

We are almost done with our 1000 gifts in November.  I saw this quote from Ann Voskamp today and I think it's so beautiful and true...

"The real gift of gratitude is that the THE MORE GRATEFUL YOU BECOME is the more you realize God is present."

1000 Gifts in November
876.  Board games with a friend
877.  Banana, cocoa, peanut butter, almond milk smoothie
878.  Kissing Gideon’s head in the carrier and watching him giggle
879.  Honey
880. Bees that make the honey that I love so much
881.  Trust the Lord with a lot of things
882.  A charged battery on my kindle
883.  My wife’s cooking
884.  Kind note and gift card from Cle babe
885.  The feeling when all bills are paid
886.  Gummy worms / bears – my wife’s first pregnancy craving
887.  Pulling into work right on time
888.  Carly and Gideon coming to work for lunch
889.   Pandora music
890.  Instrumental praise station on Pandora
891.  Meghan Trainor station on Pandora 
892.  Chess
893.  Stratego
894. Children making us better
895. My wife’s strength
896.  All the hundreds of things my wife does to serve her boys
897.  Setting goals and vocalizing ambitions
898. Reinforced family values
899.  Safe drinking water
900.  A place to use the restroom with dignity

901. Appetizer lunches
902.  The availability in my schedule to watch 3 sweet boys
903.  Tuesdays
904.  Christmas stories
905.  Ibuprofen and being to afford it
906.  Unbelievable safety and luxury in the USA
907.  Praying for Aleppo
908.  The nurses and doctors serving in Aleppo
909.  The White Helmets
910.  Access to safe, funded hospitals should we ever require them
911.  BLS and ACLS certifications
912.  Writing a grocery list
913.  Wipes and diapers
914.  Email
915.  Gluten free lavender cake mix
916.  Armed forces
917.  Congressional representatives we can write to
918.  Looking up recipes
919.  Nap time phone calls with so many women I love and cherish
920.  Pineapple clementine spinach smoothies
921.  Sunshine and vitamin D


  1. I spy with my little eye one crawling puff sneaking into your picture!!!

  2. Very cute place you have there. How did you get those plates on the wall? Thats such a neat idea. Hope you and your family are well!

    1. Are there Home Depots in Canada? They sell kits at stores like that! So easy!

    2. Mmmh yes we do have home depot. Thnx for the tip:)



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