Saturday, November 26, 2016

1000 Gifts in November 825-875

Switch up!  This time my gifts are listed first and Ryan's second because I didn't see his e-mail until after I started drafting this.

On Saturday morning Ryan made us breakfast and then we busted out a gingerbread house!  Gideon ate a lot of the contruction pieces and we liked seeing him covered in frosting and really doing nothing to help with the actual building.

I'm so thankful for Christmas and sweet activities like this!

1000 Gifts in November
825. Coconut hot chocolates
826. Rain
827. Christmas movies
828. A day in with the 3 of us together
829. Gideon ordering a short whipped cream at Starbucks
830. Making a gingerbread house
831. Having Christmas music on
831. Decorating a tiny Christmas tree together
832. Chicken avocado wraps
833. Hashbrowns
834. Fresh smelling laundry
835. Nativity play toys
836.  A wild toddler
837. Wearing sweats all day
838. Gideon covered in frosting
839. Red and gold ornaments everywhere
840. Fish kisses
841.  Dreaming while you sleep
842. Shelter
843. Looking back at old photos
844.  Ordering Christmas cards
845. Meeting Daddy for lunch at work

846. The book of acts and the power of the Holy Spirit
847. Peter telling a crippled man from birth to walk in the name of Jesus Christ.
848. Money to pay bills
849. 30 years of life
850. Fresh honey from a California farm
851. Renters insulating our garage
852. Budgeting and dreaming with my wife
853. Carly singing Gideon Christmas songs in November!
854. Topped off oil in an old car
855. Sleeping in wool socks
856.   Sleeping next to Car
857.   Family coming to the office for lunch
858. Skype calls that introduce Gideon to old friends
859. Kindle
860. Reading harry potter again
861. Having 3 pillows – 2 under my head and 1 on my chest
862.  Soft clothes
863.  Cooking breakfast for my family on Sunday
864. Noise maker
865. Bath toys (for me of course!)
866. Bath towels with build in hoodie
867. Gideon’s curiosity
868. A pantry full of food
869. Cheerios with almond milk
870. Carly teasing me before bed when I am too tired to get her back
871.  Rain storms
872.   Refunds
873.   A God that wants us to cast our burdens on him because he cars
874.  Gifting our renters a small amount off rent for Christmas
875.   Rental income


  1. My puff is quite the little architect! Looks like such a fun, Christmasy activity. All I want for Christmas is a double dose of my favorite nephew back in my arms.

    1. That's all Giddy Lou wants to! To be a Christmas Puff back in his auntie's arms!



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