Thursday, November 24, 2016

1000 Gifts in November 781-824

Happy Thanksgiving!!

I have such fond memories from my childhood of waking up to the turkey already roasting in the oven and that smell mingled with Nat King Cole's holiday CD dancing up the stairs. In most recent years, Ryan and I have hosted Thanksgiving at our home.  We start the day with a long walk together, then get to work prepping the turkey, and Christmas music plays while we spend the day together in the kitchen talking and eating.

This is definitely a favorite holiday for me!  

Like every year, we have the Macy's Day parade on (Gid will love it!), I have poured a fresh cup of coffee while I'm cooking and baking, and our kitchen smells like comfort and love.  I will pop Gideon in his Learning Tower and he will definitely think he's a big kid helper today :)

We are going to celebrate Thanksgiving with two other families we have come to know and love here in California and it will be mass chaos with 8 kids, 8 adults, and plenty of food.  Our food contributions are homemade cranberry sauce, sausage stuffing, sweet potato casserole, and an apple cake topped with homemade caramel sauce.  

Everything I'm making is Ryan "friendly" so he will have plenty to eat on his SCD diet.

Here is our ongoing thankful list...try to list 100 gifts today yourself.  It's easier than you think!

1000 Gifts in November
781.  Tennis shoes that keep my feet warm
782.   Technology to connect with Cambodia staff
783.  Opportunities
784. Vaccines that protect my son
785.   Carly getting to work a few hours
786. Joking with my dad
787. No moisture on my car windows this morning
788. Gasoline to get to work
789. Smart, legit, and funny coworkers
790. Thanksgiving potlucks
791. My wife’s sweet potato casserole
792. Rotisserie chicken
793. Learning to trust God’s promises in a new way
794. The way God’s promises directly attack anxiety
795. My wife’s shy smile
796. Conflict resolution
797. Saturday morning Skype calls
798. Sock will with rice 
799.  Microwave
800. My wedding ring (I’m taken ladies :) )

801. Recognizing attacks on God's plan for us
802. Rebuking attacks with scripture
803. Reminders of our identity in Christ
804. 8:30 am sleep ins for Giddy Lou
805. Wading through disappointment
806. Family time training
807. Doughy toddler cheeks
808. Tiny red ringlets down a soft baby neck
809. My two blue eyed boys
810. Ryan playing board games with a friend
811. Girl's night
812. Being invited into new circles
813. Pesto cheese
814. Liberty red wine
815. Sliced persimmons
816. Access to a good pediatrician
817. Vaccines
818. Scientists who research vaccines
819. Founders of the SCD and how effective it is
820. Intricacy of the human body
821. Packed lunch for Gideon on his playdate
822. Ryan's Thanksgiving potluck
823. Mountain view out our kitchen window
824. Episodes of Octonauts


  1. In canada thanks giving is in October. But i like how in the states its in November. It almost seems like you guys get two christmas's as many peooke begin to put up their trees and listen to christmas music around your Thanksgiving. Ours is just too early in fall for that. I love the thankful list. I should try this

    1. I know we basically start up Christmas before Thanksgiving is even here ;)



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