Tuesday, November 22, 2016

1000 Gifts in November 701-780

Top list is Ryan's and the bottom is mine!

Here are a few pics of us opening up the mother of all care package from Grammy Nelson! WOW!!!  She packed that thing full to the brim and blessed us so much.  Gideon's favorite items were a bell, snowman cup, and window stickers.

I loved my Christmas candles and soaps while Ryan dug into his beef jerky and got the Christmas lights she sent up and running.  Thank you mom/Grammy!

1000 Gifts in November
701. Calling friends and family on commute home
702.  Dreaming and serious processing with my wife
703. Gideon sleeping in until 8 am
704.  Holding Gideon for his nap because he is restless and wants to sleep in dad’s arms
705.  My wife getting a job offer
706. A warm apartment with electricity and running water
707. Friends asking you to pray for them
708. Double monitors at work 
709. People laughing at work
710.  Grace to cover all things
711.  Homemade meatball sandwiches
712.  Brainstorming about seasons in life
713. Joe Meverden
714.  Beth Meverden
715. Orange coolaid
716.  CPCC Youth Group
717. YMCA of the Rockies – where I rededicated my life to Jesus
719. Learning and playing guitar
720.  Dad and son time when mom is out and about

721.  Sliced bread
722.  Being able to afford groceries
723.  Stocked grovery stores
724.  Chatting with moms at open gym time
725.  Washing tiny hands
726.  Gideon knowing how to work the blender
727.  Spinach, orange, banana smoothies
728.  Ephesians 6
729.  The Carters
730.  The Langes
731.  The Bakers
732.  Penny Pie
733.  The Stewarts
734.  The Clarks
735.  The Bishops
736.  The Bolts
737.  The Careys
738.  The Basses
739.  The Jones
740. The Woelbers
741.  The Wrights
742. The Martins
743.  The Boorens
744.  Kitty Cat 
745.  The Andersons
746.  Jearlean
747.  The Malones
748.  The Carvers
749.  The Cooks
750.  Dr.  Blake
751.  The Frieds
752.  The Hutchinsons
753.  The Habernals
754.  Dr.  Fender
755.  The Cordovas
756.  The Krokos
757.  The Lindermans
758.  The Los
759.  The Makuhs
760.  The Butlers
761.  The Seslers
762.  The Meyers
763.  The Olsens
764.  The Prestons
765.  The Seitzs
766.  The Telescos
767.  The Thurstons
768.  The Gerrards
769.  The Webers
770.  The Jetts
771.  The Walters
772.  My Nelson aunts and uncles
773.  My Zimmerman aunts and uncles
774.  Our Decker aunts and uncles
775.  Our Preister aunts and uncles
776.  The Spencers
777.  The Swopes
778.  The Rickers
779.  The Lewises
780.  The Pipers

(lot's of names and people were in previous posts just FYI ;) )

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