Friday, November 4, 2016

1000 Gifts in November 69-137

Before even leaving for CA I had journaled 3 specific prayer requests:  

#1  At least one good friend here for both Gideon and myself 
#2  A community of encouraging moms  
#3  A place to use my nursing

And the Lord provided ALL of these within the first 3 weeks!! 

 We just got home a few hours ago from my new Mom2Mom Group and between the breakfast, speaker, and warm welcome I am completely encouraged.  And earlier in the week I started volunteering officially at Tree of Life as one of the RN's 1x per week.

I'm not naive enough to believe transitions are always this smooth and there may be difficulties in seasons ahead but for now I am total AWE of the provision and love.  

One thing I am really learning since our move is the importance of showing up and putting in effort the effort to get connected.  I miss our family and friends and everything from back home.  My time could be lonely here if I just spent my time missing that so I'm trying to balance "the miss" and putting in the time and energy here to show up for life!

For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven...
Ecclesiastes 3:1

Decorating fall sugar cookies with little boys is messy and hilarious.  You will have sticky fingerprints EVERYWHERE for life!

The littles ate their weight in frosting and sprinkles

Giddy Lou helped get the dough on the baking sheet while standing on a chair, frosted his own cookies, and even grabbed a handful of sprinkles and probably 6 ended up on his cookie :)

1000 Gifts in November
69.  Gideon's love of tinkering
70.  A healthy little one
71.  Stay-at-home-moming
72.  The Meverdens
73. Butternut squash
74.  Playing chase
75.  Christmas outfits
76.  Bright vineyards for family pictures
77.  Day dates
78.  Friends who love Gideon
79.  A freshly shaved husband face
80.  An hour of blog reading and coffee sipping
81.  Messy kitchen after lots of cooking
82.  Reading out loud
83.  Piles of  children's library books
84.  Soft slippers
85.  Gray cozy jacket
86.  Mom chats on the phone
87.  Notes of love
88.  Nowhere to go
89.  Days of nothing but family time
90.  Bright red leaves
91.  New neighbors
92.  Tiny outdoor patio to sit on
93.  Generous, supportive parents
94.  Bragging about my neices and nephews
95.  Apples cooked with coconut oil and cinnamon
96.  Hearts for adoption
97.  Mom2Mom Table
98.  Warm welcomes to women's ministry
99.  Speaker spurring us to better mom'ing
100.  Breakfast cooked and laid out
101.  Lunch picnics on the floor with my boy
102.  Asking for forgiveness
103.  Ryan's love for us each day
104.  Work going well for Ryan
105.  Swapping phone numbers for play dates
106.  Reusable bag policies here in CA
101.  Gideon making it through child care!
102.  Fresh clementines
103.  Community provided in our new home
104.  Divine placement with housing
105.  Stack of books waiting to be read
106.  Cookies baking 
107.  Quiet house
108.  Loud messy house
109.  Full gas tank
110.  Hello phone calls
111.  Solo Target dates w/ a PSL in hand
112.  Christmas shopping early
113.  Reflecting on our year
114.  Inside jokes
115.  Forgiveness and grace
116.  Parenting perspective that gives grace
117.  Fall magazines to peruse over
118.  Corrdinated outfits for photos
119.  Chasing Gideon around the house
120.  Learning to discipline w/ patience and love
121.  Music filling up our home
122.  Needing blankets and jackets for evening walks
123.  Motrin for hurting gums
124.  Chalkboard art
125.  Making space for crafting and creativity
126.  Happy new for friends
127.  1 year olds
128.  Photo albums
129.  Travel
130.  Catching up on blogs
131.  Pumpkin puree waiting to be baked
132.  SCD Diet and healing for Ryan's belly
133.  Texting
134.  Waking up before Gideon
135.  Flexibility or Ryan's work schedule
136.  Craigslist deals
137.  Sneaking peanut M&M's from Gideon's Halloween candy

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