Friday, November 18, 2016

1000 Gifts in November 556-625

Top gifts are Ryan's, bottom are mine.  I love reading his!

1000 Gifts In November
556. lavender essential oil
557. A kind wife to help ease stress
558. Gideon washing dishes
559. A solar-powered calculator at work to help with calculations
560. Orange juice with breakfast
561. Calling my mom on my way to work
562. Foggy mornings
563. Trusting Jesus with hard things
564. Jesus' sovereignty - he is in control whether I hear from him correctly or not
565. Watching AFV (America's Funniest Videos) and giggling with my wife
566. Noticing people's haircuts!
567. My wife's nursing interview
568. Quality sunglasses that have lasted a long time
569. Warm socks
570. Checking off tasks at work
571. Confidence in a wonderful and healthy marriage
572. Encouraging texts from friends back home
573. Couch cushions that are comfortable to lay on
574. Placing family and health as top priorities
575. Late night Chinese food delivery

576.  Walks in Nov in shorts and a t-shirt!
577.  All the compliments Gid gets while he's out
578.  Sweet, godly husband
579.  Group texts with mom and Linny
580.  JJ's blonde spiky hair
581.  Chatanooga
582.  Gid making it through church in child care
583.  Christmas presents shipped out
584.  Elf
585.  Job interview for me
586.  Holiday Home Sweet Home candle
587.  Chocolate covered macaroons
588.  Air conditioning
589.  Library card
590.  Confidence in Ryan
591.  Taking on life as a team
592.  Kind, consistent discipline for a little heart
593.  Fresh water bottle filled up
594.  Lying down for bed after a full day
595.  Brunch with friends Saturday morning
596.  Gideon loving Christmas decorations in the store
597.  The ability to learn
598.  Gift of health
599.  Ottomans full of blankets
600.  Boymom prayer challenge
601.  Cleaned up kitchen
602.  Two glasses of wine poured
603.  Praise music on
604.  Blue Blue
605.  Asking, "How can I serve?"
606.  TIME magazine in the mail
607.  Emptied trash and recycle bins
608.  Toothpaste
609.  Open windows with a breeze
610.  Watching Ryan and his friend laugh together
611.  Foggy mornings
612.  Seasons
613.  Proverbs 16:3
614.  Memorizing scripture with Ryan
615. Asking Gideon to find objects
616.  Yellow floral print
617.  Weekend adventures
618.  Volunteer training manuals
619.  Warm vest
620.  Learning our way through neighborhoods
621.  Sweet potato casserole
622.  Sausage stuffing
623.  Homemade cranberry sauce
624.  Apple cake
625.  Super moon

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