Monday, November 14, 2016

1000 Gifts in November 446-503

Top gifts are Ryan's and bottom are mine.  Gideon's are written on the fridge covered in marker :)

Just thought we all needed a throw back to chunky thigh-ed baby Gideon

1000 Gifts in November
446. Playing driver with Gideon
447. Cup of wine with my wife
448. Skype
449. Facetime with family back home
450. Heat in the car on a chilly day to work
451. Warm jackets in fall weather
452. Seeing seals and otters in the ocean
453. Fish and chips and warm apple cider
454. Sunshine
455. Seeing Carly as a mom
456. Taking steps for Carly to work
457. Cashews
458. Gideon crawling around and looking for things to unplug
459. No fly in my office this morning
460. Renters that take care of our house
461. More quiet times and Bible reading
462. Prayer walks
463. Good morning kiss from wife
464. Good morning sloppy kiss from Gideon
465. Orange juice with a straw
466. Flashlights
467. Bathroom water bottle
468. A fast computer
469. Clean clothes
470. Slip-on shoes
471. Jesus coming to Jerusalem so long ago even though he knew he would be crucified there
472. Life's hardships that push us to Jesus
473. Rubber ball to sit on at work
474. Staff in Africa and Ethiopia that love what they do
475. Hearing Carly read to Gideon or me

476.  The gospel's radical, unfathomable implications
477.  God's unchanging character and Word
478.  People who messed up in the Bible and God still used them
480.  Having Sheppy for the morning
481.  Coordinating baby naps
482.  Ninja diaper changes 
483.  Psalm 16:5
484.  Caring childcare workers
485.  A park full of families
486. Sharing a cookie with my little love
487.  Ryan working hard and late for his family
488.  Harry Potter series
489.  Being able to read
490.  Owning a Bible and that I can safely do so
491.  Flashlights for night time walks
492.  Ripe avocados
493.  Gilmore Girl re-runs
494.  Anticipating the Gilmore Girl episodes this month
495.  Gid "doing the dishes"
496.  Journaling prayer after prayer
497.  Gingerbread steamers
498.  Christmas books
499.  Christmas music
500.  Traditions for the holidays
501.  Big mugs 
502.  Being brave
503.  Taking risks  

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