Saturday, November 12, 2016

1000 Gifts in November 377-445

The first 20 gifts are some that Ryan e-mailed me so they are included in this round!  What a great man that Ryan Decker is.  

And here are a few of our family pics from Pomar Junction Vineyard earlier this month.  

The leaves on the vines were absolutely gorgeous.  Reds, oranges, yellows and even some bunches of dark purple grapes still.  It was the best photo shoot and I am so thankful for my beautiful family in a beautiful setting.

1000 Gifts In November
377. Jesus - King of Kings and Lord of Lords
378. My wife, beautiful and my true best friend and best half
379. Gideon - his giggles, passion, curiosity, and strength
380. Night time walks with the family
381. An old toyota that was affordable and gets great gas mileage
382. Undeserved dinners ready for me when I get home
383. Peanut butter brownies
384. Working daily to provide vulnerable families and children with safe water and a place to use the restroom
385. A comfortable bed with a snuggly wife
386. Bath time with Gideon
387. Chasing Gideon around the apartment
388. Scripture that tackles everyday struggles
389. Christmas in Colorado
390. A watch that serves as a flashlight for nighttime potty breaks
391. Gideon in the carrier on me
392. My wife teasing me
393. When I finally find something to tease Carly about
394. Supportive parents and siblings
395. A network of solid friends back home that take time to talk 
396. Carly's heart to volunteers, engage, and use her nursing degree
397.  Phone calls from church staff to get us connected
398.  Peaceful transfer of power
399.  ABC live news
400.  Learning to cope with disappointment
401.  Respectful community on Facebook
402.  Sweet elderly people saying hello to Gideon in the store
403.  Slides
404.  Plate of cookies
405.  Running water
406.  Indoor plumbing
407.  Indoor kitchen
408.  Acess to soap and clean water
409.  Washing machine and dryers
410.  Tyler
411.  Anna
412.  Clint
413.  Megan
414.  Stacey
415.  Jason
416.  Linny
417.  Justin
418.  Grumps & Poppy
419.  Asking "What next?"
420.  Setting goals
421.  Brunch invites
422.  Gideon making friends
423.  Clean windows and mirrors
424.  Power cleaning session
425.  Extra strong coffee 
426.  Clear weather
427.  Blue skies and clean air
428.  Parenthood
429.  Gift of a son
430.  Bowls of buttered noodles
431.  Timer going off on the oven
432.  Vegetarian minestrone recipe
433.  Open face tortilla pizzas
434.  Grapefruit La Croix
435.  Paved roads, stoplights, traffic laws
436.  Safe highways
437.  Fresh pad of stickers for Gideon
438.  Laughing videos
439.  Colored blocks
440.  New pictures framed
441.  Nursing Gid before bed
442.  Basket of diapers and lavender lotion
443.  Baby pajamas
444. Bowls of soup while it gets dark
445.  Having a little one to clean up after


  1. Ryan, what sweet words you wrote for your awesome wife. :*) Love these posts. I feel like I should do something like this but all the medical drama Antonio is going through again right now saps what energy I do have at the end of the day. :( I'm glad you can still find the time to write down all that you have to be thankful for with all the changes going on in your lives, Carly. It can be so scary and exciting at the same time!

    1. Silvia I agree--don't add another thing to your already long super-woman to-do list!! You taking care of Antonio is amazing and I know you're thankful for him, and he is thankful for you. Your life is being lived in gratitude.

      And I should probably clean up more often or something but I just love journaling, blogging, recording these gifts, and reading on Gideon's naps :)



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