Thursday, October 20, 2016


Wow, my first post from California!!  So wild.  What is even our life right now?!

Ryan and my dad arrived 1 week ago after a 17 turned 21 hour road trip with our whole life in a trailer.  They were such studly road trippers. 

 My mom and I stayed back in Colorado to celebrate sweet JJ's 1st birthday party.  It was the sweetest Lumberjack party for the one and only Jay Wheeler!!

The three of us flew out on Sunday and I am unspeakably grateful to have had my mom to help wrangle the wild stallion that is Giddy Lou.  He is truly a very good traveler-he makes friends quickly, nurses on take offs and generally sleeps a little.  His curiosity knows no bounds so an airport is pretty much where he should live for his whole life.

Having my mom here as we transitioned was indescribably helpful and she served us in ways we didn't even know we needed help.  She enabled us to go on a date night, babysat Gideon so I could clean/decorate and so Ryan could work more hours, and for Gideon to get more one on one attention.  She is too good to us, both of my parents are!!

Ryan and my dad had completely unpacked everything so we moved into a set up apartment Sunday evening.  Ryan is such a servant and so thoughtful about his wife and son.  All I did was decorate and my mom and I picked out a few cute accessories for the bathrooms and such.

So we are here now and doing well.  There is an emotional mixture for me currently of excitement, stress, sadness, adventure, and gratefulness.  

Fall is also in the air here which is a lovely surprise.  There are red and yellow trees right next to palm trees :)  The vineyards are full of fat purple grapes and we visited an apple orchard yesterday to buy fresh honey and cider.

On our agenda this week is to post pics of the apartment, check out the local Children's museum and get a play date in with our new friends.  Please pray for our transition especially for little Gideon as this is so much for him, to build new community, and to take time to rest now that we are here.

Ryan and my dad stopped every few hours to check the trailer and get it here in 1 piece

Grammy doing her thing with Gid in the airport

Mama and Giddy on the place.  This was after a full day of travel, a 1 hour delay on our second flight and only a 35 minute nap.  

Gideon climbing in our new space

Nothing to do with moving but here are my two sweet loves taking in the world together before we left

And my God will supply every need of our according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus

Philippians 4:19

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