Monday, October 24, 2016

Uganda & Pumpkin Patch Pics

Well this is a super rando mash up of pictures but they are getting bunched together anyway!

The first two are of Ryan on his latest trip to Africa.  He is on two site visits in Uganda.  If you click on them to enlarge them you can see Ryan in a turquoise long sleeve shirt and khaki hat.  Also look for his pasty white skin ha!

Look for Ryan behind the fencing with the hat on

That's Ryan on the left walking down the road.  I just think Uganda is so gorgeous.  The last time we were there together was in 2010-crazy!

On Saturday we adventured out with new friends David and Lindsay and their boys Desmond and Shepherd to a farm not far from our houses.  This little spot was set in the middle of hills covered in vineyards.  California is truly gorgeous!  

At Jack Creek Farms there were trains to play on, antique tractors to climb, and cider slushies to gulp.  We packed a lunch to eat together and let the boys get dirty and climb on everything.

It's about 85 degrees here during the day so the farm is ridiculously smart to have cold, refreshing drinks even though hit cider is pretty delicious and seasonal.  It was a really good morning that left us feeling loved and encouraged.

Left:  Shep & Gid look like brothers to me.  Both have curls and Shep is even a tint of red.  
Right:  Family picture

We took a wagon ride through the pumpkins.  The rule for the boys about pumpkin buying: if you can carry it can buy it.  Then we forgot to even buy Gid one haha

Lunch time!

And finally here is Gideon earlier this morning. We focused on textures and colors today using pom poms and a muffin tin.  We even got a little math in.  Gideon insisted on taste testing each and every puff until we were had a million drooly soaked puffs to play with.  

1 drooly pom pom + 1 drooly pom pom = 2 drooly pom poms!

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.
Proverbs 9:10

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