Sunday, October 9, 2016

October Weekending

I never post when Ryan travels mostly because I don't want some crazo serial killer to randomly see that update.  But now it is safe to announce...RYAN IS HOME!!  From a looooooong 15 day 14 night trip to Uganda and Ethiopia.  

I think it felt extra long because the trip fell right into such a dramatic time in our lives with a new job and move.  Ryan did his trip well, Gid and I braved solo life well too.

But holy moly, anyone who does the solo parenting thing long term or very often crushes at life.  Gid and I had meals brought to us, help with packing, babysitting, play  dates, and so much support.  It would have been impossible without lots of people to help us. 

We had a full last week and weekend of Ryan being gone.  We squeezed in so many play dates and goodbyes and fun events.  Here are the pics...

Ryan met up with two of our very best friends, Matt & Katie, while he was in Uganda!  They got lunch together and were able to spend about 4 hours just hanging out and talking

While Ryan was busy being awesome in Africa we were busy at the library on Star Wars day!

Kylo Ren may have terrified Gid.  And I may have called him Darth Vader to his face which shows how much I know about anything

I wanted Gid to have a special Saturday since he's been so brave with Ryan gone.  First we went and got his favorite food ever: CHIPOTLE!  He ate so much.  Then the library and finally a stop at the park for some swinging and crawling.

It was such a perfect day outside as you can tell by all that sun drenching his curly red hair

After our Mommy/Giddy date that morning I got ready for a wedding.  Linny was my plus one and we had a blast!  The wedding was 10 minutes from my house so I left Gid with Grammy and Gramps and took the night off.

My friend Mallory who I have known for 21 years was getting married!  We met in 1st grade (in Mrs. Liu's class!) and have always stayed in touch.  It was very special to see her walk down the aisle and celebrate her wedding.

Applewood Golf Course at sunset

Linny and I with our sweet friend Caitlin and pic on the right is all of us plus Joe, another longtime friend

There was a photo booth that we inappropriately opened early and without asking

For being an October evening the weather was beautiful and no need for a jacket

The Pipers!  Their wedding was beautiful but the bride was the most stunning!

We are busy packing up last minute items this week and then Ryan and my dad road trip out Wednesday evening!  I'm really grateful we are ending our time in CO on such a positive, well loved note. 

I keep my eyes always on the Lord with him at my right hand, I will not be shaken.
Psalm 16:8

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