Friday, October 21, 2016

October in California

We aren't even 1 week old Californians yet but our exploring has been rigorous!  We are going to leave no stone unturned here in SLO.  We live about 20 minutes outside of Downtown SLO (where in those neighborhoods it costs you the small price of your firstborn to rent a studio). 

Being out of the city a bit puts us right into some incredible family friendly spaces.  There are parks, a Children's Museum, zoo, vineyards, shopping and more we just need to discover.

It's about 85 degrees most days this time of year so exact perfect shorts weather during the day but very cool in the mornings and evenings so you can still bundle up with coffee and a scarf for a bit :)

Ryan has been riding his new motorcycle into work and he says it's chilly if he leaves super early.  BTW his new job is going really well.  He is working longer and harder than he ever has but he likes what he's doing and Lifewater needed this role to be filled.  Plus his co-workers and company are the bomb.

So here are a few pictures from our week of exploration:

Photo courtesy of his Grammy!  Proof that there is fall here!!  Tonight we are going on a family date to get Halloween costumes and pick out pumpkins to carve

This has been my favorite part so far.  The library about 5 minutes from our house is SPECTACULAR!  It is huge and  has a child's dream play center.  We easily spent 1.5 hours here the other day plus it's free

While my mom was still with us earlier this week we went to See's Canyon Fruit Ranch.  They are a 100+ year old orchard that presses their own cider, maintains beehives, has free range chickens, and of course, apples galore.  We ate lunch and let Gideon crawl everywhere.

What is this child even doing?!

Our routine has stayed very similar as when we were in CO.  We do breakfast, play hard, have music time, read, and keep busy with toys at home in the mornings.  After first nap we go out for our adventure for the day.  After second nap we walk to the park, watch 15 minutes of Veggie Tales, and/or clean up and start dinner.  

Today we went to the Children's Museum and it was a huge hit!  There was an antique fire truck Gideon could have spent his whole life on with all the buttons to push and knobs to twist.  We made a pumpkin craft, went to story time, played in the ball pit, and shopped the tiny grocery store.

Plus he got so dirty in the outdoor sandbox I had to give him a mini bath in the sink and change his clothes :)

His face says it all!!  He absolutely loved this truck with all his heart

Now THIS face is absolutely out of the ordinary!  JJ is one of the smiliest children I know but he did make me giggle a bit with some sad faces while we Facetimed.  I love him and would have kissed that face 1 million times if it was in person to turn that frown upside down.

We have a BBQ tomorrow afternoon to hang with some friends we already know and get connected to new faces.  Plus we are trying a recommended church on Sunday morning that we are looking forward to!  So far California is treating us well. not turn away from the Lord, but serve the Lord with all your heart.

1 Samuel 12:20


  1. Puff makes the best faces! He is like "I LOVE GIANT PUMPKINS AND DRIVING FIRETRUCKS!!!!"

  2. haha that child has so man faces! His best is the firetruck face



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