Saturday, October 29, 2016

How We Are Adjusting to CA

This is a loooong update that probably no one but my mom will care about ;)

Update time!

We have said to each on in our processing lately that if we had to move anywhere but our beloved Colorado, California is pretty much the next best thing.

It's warm, it's occasionally overcast, there are rolling hills of vineyards everywhere, the ocean is 30 minutes away, it's mountainous, it's home to the amazing organization LifeWater and our new friends here have welcomed us SO well!  California culture and lifestyle is very similar to Colorado and it's been a smooth transition.

I think I honestly expected the move to be MUCH more difficult specifically as it related to "stay-at-home-mom'ing".  I feared not having my family and circle of friends for support and community but it has really been OK.  We miss everyone so much and only wish we could transplant everyone with us.

My sweet, rambunctious little Gideon had been flexing his independent muscle more intensely by the minute in the days and weeks leading up to this move but now that we are settled he has really adjusted nicely and seems more content.  Although still fiercely independent :)

To set up support and keep my sanity in tact, we established a babysitting swap with a co-worker of Ryan's and this couple (David & Lindsay) are two of our favorites.  Our boys get along SO well and it's an incredible break once a week.

On the nursing front: I have started the frustratingly awful loooooooooong process of getting my RN license transferred to California.  In the meantime I'm volunteering as an RN at a local crisis pregnancy center one afternoon a week and also signed up to volunteer in the children's ministry in our new church.  It is absolutely crucial that I'm getting plugged in to feel purposeful and connected.

Giddy Lou: is getting a twice a week playdate with new friends Des & Shep plus the time in children's ministry.  We bought a punch pass for him to this amazing little gymnastics place down the road that is owned by Christians and is pretty much Gideon's dreamland.  Plus he enjoys story time at the library and other playdates so overall this guy is well socialized.  He is sleeping well, pretty uninterested in food overall, and has the energy of 9 babies!!  We love him.

Ryan John Decker: is doing well adjusting to his new job.  He is significantly busier than his last position but whenever I talk to him on the phone during the day he is so excited and invested in his work.  He will be doing some night classes for an online Leadership/Management course with others from his work and I know he likes the new challenges.  

We also ditched his motorcycle and bought him a super cool 1989 Toyota Corolla.  The drivers here are CRAZY and he commutes about 20-25 minutes per day down a really steep highway nicknamed "the grade".  It's much safer this way.

We have been welcomed to California with such warmth.  Dinners dropped off, invitations to birthday parties and family outings.  The CEO and his wife hosted a BBQ last weekend and invited a few other couples they thought we would like just to help us feel connected.  Who does that?!  There is something so special about the body of Christ taking care of one another.  I can't imagine this transition without the love and support we have had.

Overall this is a very good new chapter for us. Sure, we have stressful, ugly moments but those happen enough that I don't need to document them here.  We move on from what's difficult and are thankful for the incredible ease and goodness of this new stage.

Her are some pictures to help you recover from all those words...

Gideon is OBSESSED with all leaves and plants.  He must touch everything he sees on our walks 

Just enjoying a little morning book time

Three boys 3 and under all by myself?  No problem when they are as sweet as these guys

Gid & Shep at open gym time.  This is a baby's heaven with no boundaries and everything designed for them

This is my life people.  All. Day. Long.  He climbs on everything, tinkers with anything he can get his hands on and is generally an untamed wild animal

Here are our costumes.  Gideon is the rock, I'm paper and Ryan is scissors.  Can't wait to wear them Monday!

Lindsay, Shep, Gid, and Ryan as a birthday party for our new little friend Silas who turned 7.  This kid knows how to party!

Family shot!

There was a bounce house that pretty much made Gideon's life complete.

I'll post Halloween pics next week.  We have a trick or treat street our church is hosting and I personally can't wait to see Gideon dressed as a toddler rock.  

Just as a body, though one, has many parts, but all its many parts form one body, so it is with Christ.

1 Corinthians 12:12


  1. I'm very interested! lol you two gave me so much hope three years ago! If you ever need a home health with specialty in wound care job down this way I would hire you in a minute!! I need the best for my lovebug! I'm glad you're liking California so far. The worst of it will be the drivers sadly and that's where we spend most of our lives in...a car! Cheers to you three in this new season of life!

  2. LOL I should say only Silvia and my Mom will care about all these updates ;)



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