Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Gideon 14 Month Update

Age: 14 months

Weight: 24 lbs

Length: 30-31ish inches

Sizes (diapers, onesies):  Size 4 diapers, 12-18 month clothes.  He is definitely closing in on just 18 month clothes.  I notice his 12 month onsies getting tighter on him.  He wears size 3 or 4 shoes, not that he needs him because he's a speed crawler and only walks indoors if he's assisted

Eyes:  Blue

Hair: Still red, still curly.  It's getting much longer and when it's wet in the bath the long parts in the back reach all the way down his itty neck.  He has ringlets that I will never be able to snip off.

Sleeping:  As always this child is every mother's dream child in the sleep department.  He only has choppy sleep when he's teething or growing.  He gets up between 7:00-7:15 am and goes back down for a nap around 9:45 am.  He snoozes until about 11:00 am and then plays hard until 2:30 pm.  He's  back down for another nap until 3:30 or 4:00 pm.  His bedtime is roughly 7:30 pm and usually wakes up 1-2 times per night.

Eating: This little boy grows and grows despite pretty minimal interest in food.  He has 8 teeth and working on getting in some bottom molars.  He will eat solids and has a good appetite but I notice he eats heavier one day and lighter the next.  One day he'll eat a little puree but nurse for all this other calories and hydration.  The next day he will eat his weight in all the food we offer him.  He is so healthy and energetic so I know he's getting what he needs.  Also, he really loves water.  I know water intoxication is an issue for younger babies but he's old enough now to self regulate.  He needs a good drink when he gets up from a nap and first thing in the morning.  And plenty with meals.  He is a little camel!  Also he learned to drink through a straw and takes coconut or whole milk that way.

Favorite foods:  Chipotle chicken bowl with guacamole, black or pinto beans dipped in guacamole, avocado slices, bacon, green beans, asparagus, sugar cookies, ritz crackers, goldfish crackers applesauce and peanut butter covering anything. 

Milestones:  He has many new words and an increasing ability to communicate himself.  He walks very well if he's holding onto someone's hands or pushing a little stroller his Grammy gave him.  He catches a ball with two hands, picks up a ball with one hand and passes it back and forth, can open/close/manipulate any small button or latch and can climb up or down many objects.

Gid understands SO much linguistically.  I ask him if he can show me his tongue, clap his hands, is ready to eat, or wants to go and his responses are always right on.  So smart!  

Memorable outings:  We had a Mommy/Giddy date this weekend that consisted of Chioptle, the library and the park.   His Grammy also has started taking him out more just the two of them and he enjoys that time immensely.

Favorite toys/activities:  Gideon is already a reader.  He "reads" in the car, reads before bed, if he's in his playpen for a few minutes, or will stop playtime and find a book.  he flips through the pages and chirps to himself to mimic when I read to him.

He likes pushing his stroller around, music time, swinging, playing driver, playing with new textures likes grass or leaves at the park, swimming, and just free play at our house.

Words/sounds:  Dada, Mama, Ball, What, Bath and has many voice inflections to mean excitement, anger, happiness and many other emotions.  His most exicted squeal happens when he sees animals of any kind or he spots the steering wheel because he thinks it's time to play driver

Nicknames:   Lou Lee, Lou, Little Love, Giddy Con Queso (from daddy), Giddy Lou Who (from Aunt Linny), Giddy Puff (from Aunt Linny), Giddy Face (from Maggie), Giddy Pantz (from Maggie)
The usuals...Giddy Bear, Giddy Up, Gid, Giddy, Itty Giddy Titty Monster with the tiny hiney, G (from Uncle Clint), Mister, Man Cub

Funny moments: He really gets a kick out of me pointing to any item and say "What is this?" and then I tell him.  He giggles and giggles!  Also he laughs if he sees a balloon of any shape or color.

Looking forward to:  We will be doing some exploring of CA very soon!  I'm excited to introduce him to the Pacific Oeaan, vineyards, and make new friends and memories.  I also love how much older he's getting because it's fun to spend time with him and explore the world together with such a sweet guy with so much personality.


  1. My nephew in flannel--there is nothing dreamier!!!!!! Way to learn all the things and the skills, Puff. You are so smart!!!!

  2. Thanks Aunt!! Can't wait to match JJ in our his new flannel!



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