Saturday, October 1, 2016

Anderson Farm Adventures

Anderson Farms (we went last year!) is like every white girl's fall dream.  There are pumpkins of every shape and color EVERYWHERE, pots of mums, lots of photo ops, and you probably have to wear plaid and have a PSL in hand to get in.

I fit right in.

We went there to celebrate my dad's 61st birthday and it was a blast.  The weather was mostly overcast the whole time thank goodness.  We did a tractor ride to the pumpkin fields, barrel car rides, picked out pumpkins, and said hi to the chicken and goats.  I really like this place because it's super cozy and like the North Pole but for Autumn.

It was a really fun day and Gideon was so tired!  I'm thankful to be eating homemade chocolate chip cookies and blogging about it because I am tired too!

They celebrate your abundant goodness and joyfully sing of your righteousness.

Psalm 145:7


  1. Hahahaha! That first paragraph! I laughed out loud so hard! Glad to read you're packing in some adventures with family!

  2. LOL it's so true though!! Are you guys trying the SCD? Or another diet?

    1. Carly, not yet but we have been juicing more for him daily since we got his new power juicer. Since his hospitalization for a small bowel obstruction on Labor Day the goal has been to get some weight on him so he didn't have to go on TPN since he hasn't really been eating much since Fourth of July. He's currently in the hospital again(!) for another absecess that's getting drained and after almost a week he should be released today. I'm hoping to keep him out of the hospital for more than a month so we can establish a routine food wise before he resumes chemo again. :( The last hospitalization after they dilated his stoma they did a biopsy of it and it's positive for cancer. So the ugly bugger is still growing and living in him. His remission was short lived. He can't start chemo though until theses absecesses and obstructions get under control. I was hoping they could restart remicade or even humira to at least treat the Crohn's but cancer trumps it. Plus it's just as risky to make the cancer go out of control. Our only other defense is going to be food wise at this point. Prednisone can only do so much you know??

    2. This is the combo of everything that is HORRIBLE!!! Abscesses, chemo, cancer, head is spinning so I cannot imagine how you two are doing. I'm so sorry.

      You're doing a great job. We will be praying for health and answers and super committed/knowledgeable doctors



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