Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Gideon's 1 Year Photo Shoot

Let these photos just bless you, oh my word!  Gideon had a 1 year old photo shoot with Thunell Photography in Arvada and I LOVE how the photos turned out!!

There are a lot more than these but I just picked these few for the blog.  Gid was feeling pretty grumpy on the actual photo shoot day so I was going to be surprised if our photographer, Samantha, got very many but she was very patient with him and captured some real gems.

I'm the worst but any picture where that lip was out or he was crying were my favorite.  Ryan and I were ROLLING looking at these pics.  Oh my gosh he is just so cute.

I can't wait to get to California and find a place to frame some of these.  Our boy is such a doll and has the sweetest personality to go with it


  1. Replies
    1. The sad shots are the best ;) I will head over to your blog to see if you've posted recent pics of your little ones!



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