Thursday, September 1, 2016

Fall Decorations & A Berry Farm

SEPTEMBER!!!  I just texted my mom that I was wondering when Pumpkin Spice Lattes (aka the meaning of life) would be available again.  I hope it's NOW!

I live for the fall!!!  I am praying for anyone who thinks it's too early for them, Jesus.

 In years past for my "annual autumn decorating day" I would buy a PSL, turn on Ella Fitzgerald Pandora and clean/decorate for a few hours.  

Alas, I have a tiny human now to keep alive.

So on Gideon's nap I seriously speed decorated.  Like maybe 15 minutes.  I didn't even clean before or after...blech!

But I think what autumn touches I did add to the house are inviting and warm.  A soft orange throw on the couch, the mantel is complete, a fall runner on the table and apples filling my three-tiered serving platter.

Its simple and accented with cheerios on the floor and baby toys strewn about. 


Everything is re-purposed or pulled out of storage.  The picture came from Ryan's office at work which caught my eye for the gold frame and orange tree.  It was a gift from a friend in the Dominican Republic.

Orange mums and a book wreath are the touches on the front door

As soon as back-to-school starts I embrace fall. Tis the season!!  My mom and I already went on our annual autumn Yankee Candle shopping trip.  I picked out Spiced Pumpkin and Caramel Apple Cake candles (smells like the cake we make, Katie!!).

Every evening after Gideon goes to bed I light one of those yummy candles, open up a window to let the cool breeze in and pop our dessert for the evening into the oven.  Heaven!

We also went to a Berry Farm recently which felt very seasonal.  We came home with a carton of raspberries that we handpicked ourselves, the sweetest heirloom cherry tomatoes, and a little bouquet of zinnias.

Gideon ate the raspberries as fast as we picked them!  We had so much fun together trying to spot the berries and picking out the best produce.  I love my little family and am so thankful for the upcoming season.

He made the moon to mark the seasons, and the sun knows when to go down.

Psalm 104:19

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