Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Details and Life on Fast Forward

We were asleep by 9:00 pretty much every night this last week and weekend.  We are SO pooped from doing so much to get ready for our move.  Ryan is the hardest worker of all.  He has installed new door locks and deadbolts with his friend Casey, re-wired the lighting on our new trailer with his friend Jacob, built up walls on our trailer, dry-walled several areas in our house, and organized a million other projects.

I pack boxes, make sure Gid is thriving and keep us fed.  And help with some heavy lifting when the time comes!

We use Gid's naps to coordinate logistical details for SLO like securing CA housing, selling 1 of our cars, planning a 17 hour road trip across the country, getting Ryan vaccines for his upcoming Africa trip, finding renters for our house, getting sprinklers installed, etc


But we're having fun too in this season.  I kept our favorite little Penny Pie two days last week.  She makes my life easier because she and Gideon play ALL day long.  He passes out at night after a day with his Penny girl.  She is his best friend who is a girl ;)

Besides all that we had dinner with Ryan's parents on Sunday which was a treat and Ryan could proudly show off all his work to the house.  What a stud!  We enjoyed having them up and Gideon enjoyed my spicy tamale with me.

 We are not getting to see nearly as many people as we would like to before we go but as you can see our weeks are very busy and we are in full preparation mode! 

I took both babies out on a walk in the sunshine and we collected fall leaves while we walked.  Then we came home and painted with them.  To the right, Ryan holding sweet Penny after I gave her some snazzy pigtails

Two friends just building a plane

This little boy is ALL BOY!  He likes to crawl, explore, push buttons, play with light switches, dig in the dirt, eat grass, and pick up bugs.  I adore him

Grandpa and Grandma Decker with their Giddy Lou!  Is Gideon not 1/2 the size of his Grandma?  Tall boy in the 88% percentile for height.

Here he is exploring the rocks outside in the evening sun and helping Daddy with some little project on the ground.  I love that their heads are touching.

We have such a full week of community ahead of us.  A playdate to the museum with Ali and her boys, the zoo with Grammy and Gramps, and our favorite--MOPS!  Plus a Denver Lifewater event on Saturday afternoon.  If you're free and in the Denver area 9/17 @ 3:00 pm come to a cool micro-brewery and learn all about the work LW does.  Comment or message me for details

For no word from God will ever fail.”
Luke 1:37


  1. Hey you. Long time. Hope u are well. You guys sound busy as usual. Did you buy a new home? Very exciting! Gideon is soooo big now. Omgsh how quick time flies

    1. Hey Vee! We took a new job for Ryan with a non-profit called Lifewater in California. We move there for about 1 year and then on to Ethiopia for another 2 years. Very exciting and busy!

      Here is where I blogged about the details...

    2. OMG This is sooo exciting! Really happy for you guys GOing to go check out the link asap



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