Monday, August 8, 2016

Our Daily Routine

I don't want to forget what my days are like with Gideon so little.  Our days can be wonderful, frustrating, fulfilling, and tiring  (sometime all in 1 hour!). Ultimately I LOVE being home with this peanut. 

When I reflect back and read our blog I always love the "typical" or "normal" posts the most. Those are the details I would have forgotten without a blog and I'm always grateful when I took the time to jot down something like this that would probably not be super memorable in a few years or decades.

For my own record, these are what my days were like as a SAHM with just my sweet Gideon...

5:00 am Gideon wakes up and THANK YOU JESUS it's only to nurse.  I feed him and he easily goes back to sleep for about 2 more hours

5:30 am Depending on how my sleep was I really try to get up at this time for a quiet time. It's so comforting to hear the coffee pot brewing and even if I'm tired the smell of fresh coffee is a pretty instant perk-up.  For the next hour I spend a BLISSFUL uninterrupted hour of reading my Bible, journaling, organizing my planner, pinterest-ing and drinking coffee while the sun slowly rises

6:45-7:15 am Gideon wakes up sometime in this ballpark by cooing and singing to himself.  It's always a treat to go in and get him because he's a smiley, happy waker-upper

7:00 am Gid gets a diaper change and I set him on the floor to crawl to his beloved fan (he screams and squeals as soon as he sees it)

7:10 am We head to the kitchen to eat breakfast and pack a lunch for Daddy.  I usually pour another cup of coffee to drink while I get Gid some breakfast.  Ryan is up so he is cooking up veggies for an omelette.  I pack leftovers from dinner from the night before for our lunches.

7:40 am  After breakfast, Ryan takes Gideon with him to our bedroom to get ready for the day.  Gid is his "helper".  I get to spend a few more minutes eating breakfast or cleaning up solo before starting my day of being full on "Giddy-duty".

7:50 am  Ryan leaves for work and we wave good bye from our door!

8:00-9:15 am  Gideon and I always have slow mornings.  We read books, play kitchen, drag out different toys and I might read him the news from my phone.  We usually get texts from Grammy and Auntie Linny as well as friends so I respond to those intermittently as we play

9:15 am  Gideon starts to go down for his nap.  I have always nursed him to sleep and it works very well for us-sleepy, warm, comfy baby = good sleeper

9:30 am While Gid naps I usually spend the first 10 minutes picking up, starting a load of laundry, or doing some dinner prep.  If I didn't get up early for a quiet time, I use this time now for one and then spend several minutes reading blogs or wasting time on Facebook

10:30 am Gideon wakes up from his nap and we usually have a playdate planned for this chunk of our day.  We have enough time to do a diaper change, eat a little snack, and load up to head out

11:00-1:30 pm Our plans for the morning usually include playing with a group at someone else's house or hosting friends at our house.  Sometimes we go alone but most time with friends to a museum, library, zoo, or park.  During the school year we have a mom's Bible study and also MOPS on a bi-weekly basis

1:30 pm We get home from our outing and have a little late lunch

1:30-1:45 pm  Gid goes to his crib for his own "quiet time" now.  At this point in the day we have been driving and running around so it's nice to just re-set.  I put him in his crib with several books and toys so he can play quietly.  He usually protests for a few minutes but then I peek around the corner into his room to watch him contentedly flipping book pages, singing to himself, and tinkering with the toys.  I use this time to clean up lunch, do a quick sweep of the house and or be on my phone for a few as a break

2:00 pm Gid goes down for his second nap and usually is asleep quickly after the fun events of the morning!  I use his second nap to finish up any chores I might need to or just chill out.  I usually started a small pot of coffee during that 15 minute quiet time so it's waiting for me when I come out from putting him down to sleep

3:15 pm Gideon wakes up and we watch Ellen!  She is so funny and always makes us laugh.  We have another snack while we watch and when he's done eating we play different games and toys on the floor.

4:00-4:40 pm  This is honestly the longest 40 minutes of our day ha!  It's the time when I need to do dinner prep and I'm honestly just tired from a full day.  I usually give Gideon kitchen utensils to keep him busy, turn on a good Pandora station so we can sing, and just let him self entertain on the floor.  I start chopping up veggies and ingredients so we can eat when Ry gets home.

If it's been a tiring day I might text Ryan to pick up Chipotle on the way home or we throw together "breakfast for dinner".  Usually we have something healthy and yummy though!

4:45 pm DADDY IS HOME!!  My favorite part of the afternoon :) Gideon gets so excited and crawls to Ryan with all his might when he walks in the door.  Daddy greets everyone and my two boys disappear somewhere in the house to get Ryan into comfy clothes, put work stuff away, and maybe do a quick chore.

5:00 pm  We are eating dinner by now.  Super early, I know :)  That works best for our schedule because we go on a walk every night together.  We tag team feeding Gideon in his high chair and then put leftovers into glass tupperware for easy "second dinner" in a few hours.

5:30 pm  We load up Gideon into his stroller and get the doodles leashed up and then head out.  There is a really beautiful cemetery about a 1/2 mile from our house.  I know that sounds creepy but there are a lot of walkers there.  The trees are HUGE so it provides almost complete shade for our walk making it nice for us and the doodles

6:30 pm We usually walk for about 45 minutes and then get home in time for Gid and Ryan to take their nightly bath.  For the next 20 minutes I hear singing and talking from the bathroom, usually also a lot of splashing and laughing.  It's really sweet quality time for those two.

I spend this time alone picking up dinner, wiping off counters, turning on the oven to preheat if we are making a dessert, or just collapsing on the couch to watch the news if I'm tired!

7:00 pm Ryan pulls Gideon out of the bath and slathers that nice clean baby in lavender lotion, clean jammies, brushes his teeth, and begins winding that wild little boy down for bed.  Gideon usually is tired and fights us big time on the diaper and dressing.  It's not the best last 5 minutes before bed but once he's ready he calms down quickly and smells deliciously clean so it makes up for it

I catch up on news, Facebook, texts, and e-mail while I nurse Gid to sleep.  Lately he is getting wiggly after he's officially done eating so I put him in his crib drowsy and he talks himself to sleep.  If he cries I return to nurse him more but usually he settles down very quickly and sleeps solidly

7:45-10:00 pm We are free for a few hours!!!  I really appreciate our after-dinner walks because that was the best time for us to talk and connect.  Now we feel like we can watch a show, clean up, read, or just bum around.

10:00 pm  I sneak into to dream-feed Gideon and we go to bed shortly after.  Ryan and I pray together right before bed for a variety of things on our hearts or requests family/friends have mentioned (tell us how we can pray and we will!).  Then it's lights off to get some much needed shut eye

Such sweet days.  I know it is an immense privilege to stay home with my little love and spend our days this way

Children are a heritage from the Lord, offspring a reward from him.
Psalm 127:3

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