Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Gideon's 1st Birthday Party!

Gideon had his very first birthday party last weekend!  How is this child 1 years old?!?  I love it.

 We threw him the coolest dinosaur party and invited his best baby friends, all his cousins and family members and partied hard!  Gideon was incredibly well loved and spent a good chunk of the party observing everyone from the carrier on Dad. 

The party was S.I.M.P.L.E and stress-free.  The most work I did was putting frozen chicken nuggets in the oven and tidying up pre-guest arrival.  I enjoyed the party with everyone else and I think the whole thing was a hit.

Gideon's smash cake was made to match a shirt from Etsy my mom bought him.  And as you can see I utilized the amazing chalkboard fridge for some free decor

It's hard to see with the lighting but my mom made the CUTEST dino decorations from outdoor lanterns marked down at Target.  The circular lantern was the body and she added dinosaur heads/tails/feet plus pics of Gideon as a baby.  The rest of the decorations were dollar store crate paper and balloons.

We ate ritz crackers, cheese, three kinds of berries, "dino eggs" (aka boiled eggs), and chicken nuggets

Here was the big cake we cut for everyone at the party.  It matched Gideon's little shirt :)  It was a triple white cake from Das Meyer's in Arvada (it's so good you would probably commit crimes and murder to have more of it) 

Gideon's grandparents showed up a little early to give them their presents--he was a very happy boy and received some perfect gifts for his curious 1 year old mind.

  We placed all other gifts and cards to the side to open after Gid's nap after the party.  This was a huge win for us  #1 Because I feel like it's mass chaos and wrangling of sugar-upped children at parties to stay away from the present opener #2  Gideon tends to shut down in huge crowds so a more controlled quiet environment would be a happier one for him (which it was post-nap)

Daddy and Gideon reading birthday cards!

Gid and Auntie Linny opening up more presents

A colorful tunnel?  A red bow?  Life is complete!  And JJ clearly wants that bow.

Those dimples on this birthday boy = everyone melting from his sweetness

This boy loves to explore textures, movement, animals, and figure out how anything works.  He adored everything he received

Rocking in his chair with a new book and his Grammy

He tired a bite of the cake but was kind enough to leave most of it for his mama, auntie and Grammy for leftovers-woo hoo!

Cousin Rilyn and Gid

 Not pictured were the party activities.  After lunch and cake, we had a "dino egg hunt" which was just Easter eggs filled with small dino toys hidden all over the yard.  And pterodactyl rides which was swinging in blankets.  All simple and crowd pleasers for the littles.

We didn't go take home gifts because all the kids kept the dino toys in the eggs or went home filled with chicken nuggets and're welcome parents!

We are so thankful for everyone who came to celebrate and love our boy.  I would have this kind of party again and again.  It was a gift to us and I hope a blessing to our guests to celebrate 1 year of life for Gideon!

Happy Birthday you sweet boy!  I cannot wait to see what the next year has in store for you!


  1. Hahaj. Very cute. Love the simplicity of it

    1. It was so fun to enjoy the time with all our guests and not be running around. Win!



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