Thursday, August 4, 2016

Beach Vacation!

We hit the beach last week!  It was our first family vacation as a group of 3 and I think it went pretty dang well.  Gideon was SUCH a champion at traveling.  He rocked the planes (minus a little fussiness on one flight), long drives, and even a ferry.  

It was a blast!  

We flew to Texas to visit our friend Matt's parents, Pam & Gary, down in Crystal Beach.  Their beautiful beach house is right on the Gulf of Mexico and they were the absolute most generous, fun hosts.  They made vacation with a baby smooth and easy.

That's our style now when we travel with Gid-we need the ability for him to nap often, cook easily at home (for Ryan's new Crohn's diet), and have lots of downtime.

After a few days enjoying the ocean and sand we headed to Lake Sam Rayburn for last few days of our trip.  The lake was full of jet skiing, tubing, and more relaxing.  We were fans of getting away, unplugging, and enjoying the summer in the Texas heat.

Gideon Decker: the flying champion!!  He only had one fussy flight and we think his ears were bothering him.  He wouldn't nurse so pretty certain that was the problem but he did fall asleep and that helped him out a little.   Overall he nursed, ate solids, and was so patient through all the flights.

One thing I learned on the plane is that packing super random "toys" are what keeps this kids happy.  He had a little bag of flashlights, chip clips, a tape measurer, spoons, and other miscellaneous stuff he loved.  

Also, we never buy him processed baby food items but we got him some sweet potato puffs that kept him SUPER happy!!

Daddy and Gid looking good!

There's Gid enjoying his puffs and being a good traveller.  It's a ton of work to fly with a little one but I have to say overall we survived and it was pretty smooth. On the right, we rode a ferry to get from mainland to the beach. You have to turn your cars off on the ferry so we stripped Gid to keep him cool and let him "drive".  He thought he was hot stuff.

The Bolts beautiful home!  We spent time driving the shoreline in their golf cart, putting our toes in the sand, Ryan hunted for hermit crabs, and we picked up shells.

Our views!  It's pretty spectacular to wake up every morning to this view.  The ocean is so gorgeous and I have to say the new climate WORE Gideon out.  He slept like a rock from the heat, humidity and salty air.

We relaxed in the hammock and drove up and down the beach a lot

After the beach we headed to the lake where Ryan had the most fun on the Sea Doos!  Every morning was slow, full of coffee, and homemade breakfast.  

We spent our days playing with Gideon, doing puzzles (a new favorite past time), watching HGTV (our favorite and we don't have it at home), cooking yummy food, napping, hot tubbing and enjoying the view of the lake on the back porch over drinks.

You can't see him, but Gideon is on that jet ski with Ryan!  Those two went out a lot and I stayed on shore praying for them to come back safely.  I had to trust Ryan to take good care of Gid and just relax. The water gets to be 80-100 ft deep in places hence the prayers!!

Jet skis and life vests for all!

When it was too hot to be out on the lake we were in the shade in the hot tub.  Gideon spent a lot of time skinny dipping HA!

More fun!  Ryan was the brave one who goes fast and does crazy turns and jumps.  I just like to go mayyyyyvbe 20 mph and always in a straight line haha

This view!!  We were so blessed to have this as our backdrop every single night.  Such a gorgeous view to enjoy eating dinner, dessert, and just talking into the night with such stunning scenery.

We are thankful to be home and back into some of our normal routine.  Vacations are refreshing but different now with a little one.  I'm so grateful we have the means and opportunity to vacation as a family.  

What sweet memories we made last week in Texas

This is what the Lord says, he who made the earth, the Lord who formed it and established it—the Lord is his name: ‘Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.

Jeremiah 33:2-3


  1. Fun! Waiting and hoping you are still going to post about Ryan's new diet. Lol Are your posts from Reaching for Fringe/Coloradoostomy going to be available anywhere else now?

    So very happy things are going so great for you 3!

    Gideon: I'm still your biggest fan!!

    1. Hi Silvia! So you can still read everything over at

      We were had moved to another website to have our own domain name but it was getting super expensive hosting somewhere else so just switched back over. I will use some nap times soon to post about the new diet he's on. If you want to start looking it up its called the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD). It's been a really, really wonderful thing for Ryan and we are so grateful to be using diet to manage his Crohn's and getting off Remicade!!!

  2. It says I have to be invited by you on blogger. Not sure how that works. I will look that diet up. Since he was on chemo he is going to probably start up again so he hasn't done remicade in more than 2 years now. Right now he's dealing with a small bowel obstruction and he has too much inflammation to be safely operated on for a reversal or even a another stoma revision. :( I'm trying to find a solution for him. He can't live on eating every few days and sleeping the rest of the time. Thank you so much for continuing to blog as hard as it is with being a mommy. You, Ryan, and Gideon continue to give me hope of a real happily ever after!

  3. Oh how weird! I'll go check the settings so that it is made public.

    I'm SO sorry to hear about all the ongoing medical issues you both are facing. It is so frustrating and exhausting. It's worth looking up the SCD. Our doctor knows Ryan is on this diet and got medical clearance to get off Remicade based on his health. Of course our doctor wasn't thrilled but his whole life is prescribing meds to make people better, not nutrition. We LOVE and appreciate Western medicine and would never ever take it for granted. But in this season it seem a very specific diet and nutrition plan was what can manage his Crohn's.

    Maybe chat with your doctor and do your own research too. The SCD is tough...a lot of cooking, sacrifice, and work. But Ryan has less stomach aches than he has ever had in his life and more solid bowel movements than he ever had on Remicade. Pretty neat! I'll try to get a post up this week. Prayers for you two!



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