Monday, August 15, 2016

All the Fun Gid Has

One thing to know about Gideon is that he LOVES to laugh.  He has a giggle and a belly laugh like no other.  It's the sweetest thing and an attribute we love about him!

  We have had to work to hear it a little more this last week as he is in ANOTHER growth spurt and I think his muscles/bones are achey slash he has been trying to pop in some new teeth for over a week.  Poor kid :(

So here are the activities filling our days to get this kid smiling and laughing like his usual self because it's hard to be a little growing guy...

Tickling this little one makes him just dissolve into giggles (left).  He also loves it when you build a tower of blocks but then keep him from knocking it over.  And he loves being rough housed by Ryan--non-stop laughs during that!  P.S.  THOSE CURLS!!!

Cousins eating grass together.  It's always fun to eat random fiber and dirty grass

We have been building forts almost daily out of couch cushions.  It keeps this peanut entertained through long afternoons and he thinks it is hilarious when you peek-a-boo him through an opening or grab him through the roof

This wasn't the MOST fun but he did visit the dentist last week.  He got to play dinosaurs and explore al the equipment which made him happy.  This child likes to "tinker" so it was his favorite to play with the suction machine, toothbrush, and little sink

iPad songs with Grammy and upside down time with mommy.  Also, un-pictured is Gideon's new favorite activity...sheet swinging!!  He loves being put in the middle of a sheet or quilt and being swung side to side.  

If you can catch him by surprise then that is the absolute best laughs!  This is a tee-pee at my mom's house that he's just figuring out how to play in

Sweet smiley boy.  This child is a joy to us  We are constantly figuring out how to be patient, kind parents to him and adapt to his needs.  We have so much learning to do--1 year down, forever to go!

Start children off on the way they should go,
    and even when they are old they will not turn from it

Proverbs 22:6

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