Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Ryan's 30th Birthday Party

These are the only pictures captured of Ryan's party last Saturday!  On the one hand I like hosting events where I'm not missing the people and celebration because I'm attempting to capture it all on my phone.  But on the other hand I'm sad when I didn't get more pictures of it all.

What the pictures don't show is about 50 people showing up to SHOWER Ryan Decker with love and birthday joy.  He is so well loved and I was tremendously thankful for everyone who set aside a busy summer Saturday to come over and be with us.

Ryan is 30!!!!!

This had to be a big party to celebrate big.  It was originally intended to be a surprise party but Ryan accidentally found out about it and it worked out for the best anyway.

We had a huge taco/nacho bar that was easy and delicious.  The most labor intensive was grilling up 20 lbs of chicken but from start to finish enough food for 50 people was prepared in 2 hours.  Not bad!  My mom and sister put in SO much effort to also make the party possible. It would not have happened without their generosity.

We had music blasting, cold drinks, a yummy spread of food, and many of our favorite people in one spot.  Such a gift!

We put up our outdoor curtains on the back patio again this year.  I LOVE them and it makes that area so much cooler and enjoyable in the hot afternoons

Everyone singing Happy Birthday to Ryan.  He requested apple pies and ice cream.  Also, he looks like a politician on the right haha

Our little family.  Ryan tells me every day how much he loves his redheads HA! Gideon is so dang cute.

On Ryan's actual birthday I had him open up a 20+ page book I put together.  People from all pockets of his life wrote memories, strengths, things they appreciate about him, and more.  I compiled it all and gave it to him his birthday morning.

The most frequent themes that people wrote about were that "he was one of their favorite people", he is a great encourager, his faith in trials has inspired them, and how funny he is.  I absolutely second all those attributes!

I'm so thankful for this man and what an incredible husband and father he is.  It's obvious how well he lives his life when dozens and dozens of people show up to celebrate him and can fill page after page of kind things to say about him.

Happy 30th my love!

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