Thursday, June 16, 2016

Gratitude In Summer

Summer!  This season is such a sweet spot.  Here are a few things that fill me with gratitude about this season...

long days
evenings that hold onto the daylight for as long as possible
the most comforting sound of a fan whirling at night
warm evening walks
the earthy taste of hose water
the smell of sprinklers
a lawn mower firing up
neighbors out
vacation planning
packing a cooler for a camp trip
flames jumping in the firepit at night
glasses of wine on the backporch
string lights lit up at night
baby shorts and muscle shirts
doodles wrestling in freshly cut grass
the smell of veggies and meat roasting on a grill
fresh vegetables off the vine
cloth diapers drying in the hot sun
colorful fruit salads
the quaintness of a farmer's market
weekend hikes
staying up late
movies in the park
walks to the donut shop
playdates with auntie and cousin
the relief of walking into a cold house
icy mason jars of water
music playing
summer reading at the library
applying sunscreen
piles of books waiting to be read
fresh pots of coffee in the cool early mornings
adventures around town
Gideon peacefully napping in his dark nursery in only a diaper
slicing into a juicy watermelon
re-wearing the same shorts to avoid laundry
quilts shady patches of grass to relax on

Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful.

Coloassian 4:2

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