Sunday, June 26, 2016

Camping Trip & Other Randomosity

Like my last post mentioned, our camping trip last week was a total disaster!  Poor Gideon was ended up getting sick and looking back I totally understand why he was so fussy and clingy.  Maybe we will try again this summer for another trip.  When we are all healthy!

Between Friday night and Saturday afternoon we did get to eat delicious chili, s'mores, enjoyed the campfire and fresh air and lots of nice family time!

Ryan and George, his dad, putting up our tent.  Gideon had a death stare on his beloved apple

The Go Pod is a great camping friendly "bouncer" for kiddos who aren't walking but want to part of the social scene camping

Sweet Giddy Lou

Family shot

Ylo with some over her many grandkids. This is in the pop up camper that Ryan renovated a few years ago.  He put in hardwood floors, painted it, and really spruced it up.

Henry liked the dirt!!  Every child on this trip was a different shade of dirty.  They were filthy and hilarious.

These are just a few pics of life lately.  I've said not about 500 times that Gideon was sick--but with what?  Turns out he had double pink eye and double ear infection.  Top that off with a non-stop runny nose and a cough that made him lose his "voice".  So now he just cries a husky little whisper cry :(  His voice is coming back but it was PITIFUL.

But since he's been feeling better the last few days we have been trying to see more family, mainly Grandmas who were needing a Gid-fix.

Ylo found us this AMAZING brand new hiking backpack at a garage sale.  Gideon thinks he is hot stuff in it and we even used it last night on our daily after dinner walk

Grandma and Gideon talking about something important

Grammy and Gideon doing more talking.  This child has his Grandmas wrapped his little finger :)

Daddy and Gideon!  Look at that wild red hair.  It's got curl now so it sticks up in all directions post nap

We hope you have a fun summer-y week--can't believe it's the last week of June already! 

For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.

John 3:17


  1. What a big boy he is now! And omgggggg his sickness sounded awful. Kids are resilient though! Kudos to trying the camping trip out with a baby. You are amazing!

    1. We won't be trying again anytime soon Vee lol But he is so big, just like your ADORABLE little guy!



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