Sunday, May 15, 2016

Rest of Mother's Day & Recent Happenings

My photos uploaded backwards so Mother's Day pics are at the end.  But let's start here!

Gideon is SOOOO close to crawling.  He scoots backwards, forwards, sideways, he planks, does push-ups, sticks his butt up in the air...but just does not quite crawl.  He will be so utterly pleased with himself when he does and I will never be able to keep up with him again. 

He is such a big kid full of so much joy lately.  The last week or so of nights/sleep have been pretty tough as he's growing and definitely feeling two top teeth moving in.  During the day time he is mostly a content, curious little guy though. 

 It's a lot of work to grow into an almost 9 month old--WHAT?!?!

I tried to entice him to crawl with these colorful bowls.  He was enchanted by them but no crawling.

Left: Typical scene these days...a smiling, laughing baby who is on all fours. He purposefully rolls out of a seated position or pushes to get down from our arms so he can practice his skillz.  Right: Gideon and Daddy had a great time reading the other day.  I took a bunch of pics because literally Gideon was acting like we took him to Disneyland instead of letting him hold cardboard books haha

We had a weekend smashed full of good things.  Saturday we worked on landscaping project that's en enormous amount of work (always more than planned for).  We are removing this awful pea gravel  area and a bunch of weeds along our fence line to landscape in larger river rock.  

Ryan is killing this project with his manly muscles.  He took his shirt off  when he got hot and pronounced that he wanted to finish digging shirtless so the neighborhood could enjoy his "beach ready bod" HAHA!!! 

After all that we went to the pool for some family time.  This is definitely becoming one of our most enjoyed activities.  The kid pool was open today (last time a punk toddler pooped in it) so we got to play with fountains, turn knobs, let waterfalls stream on our hands and watch the big kids.

There were all these huge wheels that control different spouts/[pressures so in my curiosity I accidentally turned on a stream of water full blast in Gideon's face but he recovered and another mom only judged me the hardest I've ever been judged.

Then we came home and warmed up and played hard the rest of the evening.  We have been going to a new church in Genesee called Flatirons.  I've been to Flatirons in college so it wasn't totally new to me but as a family we are navigating it and I have to is the best!!  

It's the most welcoming, solid, honest church we've ever been to.  The pastors are hilarious but serious about truth and make ridiculous dry humor jokes so I immediately love them.  We joined the Greeting Team and are so grateful to be plugged into a church near by that's so legit.

Ok and the rest of Mother's Day!

These are the flowers that Ryan and Gideon got me from Ladybird Poppy.  I can't name a single flower in that bunch because they are each so exotic and unique.  It was a truly special gift.

Sunday afternoon we hosted Ryan's family and had so many cousins running around.  It's mass mayhem but Gideon is slowly getting used to it and I think he prefers to have so many kids his size around.  We made huge glass dishes of homemade chicken parmesan, made from scratch mac & cheese, and enjoyed time with everyone.

Gideon ate his first mac & cheese and LOVED it!  I'm happy to say he still favors vegetables but who knows how long that will last.

All the cousins.  If anyone knows how to get every child looking at the same camera with a semi-pleasant look on their face...share the secret with me!!

Uncle Ryan is a crowd favorite because one minute he'll be throwing you on the couch and covering you with cushions and the next he is playing guitar and wooing a room of children into clapping and dancing.  He's the best uncle.

So that was our Mother's Day event and our weekend.  At the end of every week I always look back and am unbelievably thankful for my husband, my son, my family, our friends, and this sweet life we get to live.  

However many years anyone may live,
    let them enjoy them all...
Ecclesiastes 11:8 


  1. Uncle Ryan is always the crowd favorite, that's for sure!!!!

    1. He is the wild one who keeps all the littles entertained!!



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