Saturday, May 7, 2016

Mother's Day Weekend So Far

Gideon is taking a looooong nap after being up approximately 78 times last night (he's teething and in a growth spurt) and a super exciting morning at the zoo.  He's exhausted!  So since it's raining, I have a big cup of coffee next to me and am getting to blog!

My dream afternoon.

Friday night, we babysat our favorite little Penny girl so her mom and dad could enjoy a concert at Red Rocks!  Gideon loves hosting his BFF Penny and I whisper to both of them all the time to get married someday.  

The four of us had dinner, went on a walk, gave the babies a long bath, and then bedtime for the littles.  Penny is literally such an easy baby girl and so nice to have over!

Saturday morning we got up and headed out to the Denver Zoo for Mother's Day with my side of the family.  It was a cool, overcast day and didn't rain until we were headed out!

There were so many animals out and about thanks to the calm, comfortable weather.  We saw them playing, running, eating, and of course snoozing.  And there is a brand new baby gorilla that WE DIED OVER!!!!!  This little baby was so cute.  Baby Whimsy (my new obsession in life) was nursing and getting her bottom patted to calm her.  It was absolutely astounding and mesmerizing to see the mama gorilla mothering her in such a familiar, human way.  WOW!

Giddy Lou has a great time with his grandparents and got to nap in his carrier and ride in his stroller like a big kid.  He had such a fun time!

Gramps, Gideon, and Grammy

Gid was all bundled up, nice and warm.  And he also got to sport Gramps' sunglasses for a bit :)

Ryan and I enjoyed getting to walk around and see all the animals.  And then we had a jumping contest.  The first time we tied but then he beat me by 2 feet the second time!

Finally, on the way home from the zoo Ryan arranged for us to pick up a bouquet of surprise flowers from my favorite florist, Ladybird Poppy.  She did the floral for our wedding and I absolutely love her vintage, unique, style.  

It was a sweet Mother's Day surprise and present.

So far we have had a fun weekend enjoying the zoo as a family, drinking coffee while it rains, and we still have more celebrations tomorrow!

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