Monday, May 30, 2016

May Time Fun

Hello!!  Are you needing some delicious Gideon pictures enjoying the month of May?  Here ya go!

This boy went through a 9 month growth spurt that lasted 2 weeks and hallelujah he is over it now.  He's so dang tall now--we love his long legs and new movement each growth spurt gives him.  Also his two top teeth are just about to burst through his gums.  

One huge blessing for this mama has been that Gideon been nursing like a champion in all sorts of new places and I think he's over his "nurse only in my nursery strike".  Literally it is such a stress relief and makes for a happy boy and a stress-free mama

Alright, so just a quick post of some pictures from our past few weeks:

He doesn't stand unassisted normally but if I prop him against a wall it's the perfect shot to see his *DORKY-ALERT* socks and sandals

Today (Monday), Ryan has the day off so we went on a hike through Coal Creek after Gid's nap.  It was really nice weather and Gideon's first official hike! Also did you see his sandals??

He wasn't so sure about being set down on the trail.   I packed us two big bottles full of ice water and lots of yummy snacks to keep up energized

Cousin JJ came for a playdate so his mama could get a pedicure.  We played, sang, explored Gid's room, and JJ took his bottle like a champ for Auntie!

Last weekend we went down to Larkspur for a Decker family event.  All 8 Decker cousins were together in one place...on a couch...with no total meltdowns!  A miracle!

On the way home we decided we needed Krisy Kremes and once Gid was in bed we busted open this box of treats and poured ourselves a glass of red wine.  It's the simple joys now :)

Ryan has been landscaping our backyard which I'll post pictures of soon.  It looks professional and so much cleaner now.  He shoveled 10,000 lbs of rock this weekend!!

 We have a full and exciting June ahead of us and we are looking forward to all of it.  The festivities include Ryan's 30th birthday, our 6 year anniversary, a Father's Day weekend camping trip, and a vacation to our friend's beautiful Texas lake house.  WAHOO!!

In God, whose word I praise— in God I trust and am not afraid. What can mere mortals do to me?
Psalm 56:4



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